Ok so I missed the whole dickbass thing.

Ok so I missed the whole dickbass thing.

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Metal does cocaine.

Frontline Heroism Medal
2005 Mar 21 • 1531
36 ₧
So what happened?

What did he do?
If you jump high enough you'll hurt your ankles when you land.
2006 Dec 16 at 21:08 PST
The Original Portmanteau

2005 Mar 21 • 12861
666 ₧
just posted like ten million links (all in diffrent firetrucks) that had to do with "zomgfreepr0n!roflcopterz!" or something along those lines...
2006 Dec 16 at 21:58 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6507
It was probably a bot, not even a real person.

I am working on my own forum software to stop this from happening any more.
2006 Dec 20 at 14:06 PST
Le Tigre

2006 Sep 1 • 549
16 ₧
I hate those bots. They kept signing up on my first forum, so I eventually got tired of it and shut the board down until I feel like opening it back up.
2006 Dec 20 at 14:08 PST
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