OK Superjer i need your help!

OK Superjer i need your help!

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2006 Mar 13 • 12
22 ₧
see im making my first map and when i was doing the mapname.bat there was a leak.
I've looked evrywhere and tried evrything and i was wondering if i could just send it to you cuz like your the man.
plz help me!
2006 Mar 20 at 20:21 PST
2006 Mar 1 • 74
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if u make a brush to an entity and put it as one of the walls it will leak. cuz with the beercan it would be like laying a paper ontop and put it upside down IT WILL LEAK YOUR PRECIOS BEER

this is onley understanded if you read the guide that superjer made
2006 Mar 21 at 12:38 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6507
Open your map in Hammer and use the Map -> Load Pointfile option after getting a leak.

This will show you the path that HLBSP took through your map and it will pass through the leak hole.

You may need to make sure the .PTS file is in the same folder with your map.
The .PTS is generated by HLBSP as it runs, and records the path it takes as a series of points in space.
2006 Mar 21 at 12:44 PST
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