[Project] Im back

[Project] Im back

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2007 Aug 27 • 120
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Hey guys,

So recently ive been studying functions of programs and whatnot during my Computer Studies course and we stumbled upon animation. Which led me to think, "Hey, Ive already made one of those" although short and shitty (Yes, it was short and shitty however made in one day, although i am sure you already know that). So ill fill you in on where i am.

I actually know 100% what this is going to be about but its a secret for now. There's going to be lots of gags, jokes, etc.
Oh i forgot to mention - It will also include narrations.

However, before i begin development someone needs to help me with the following:
- Custom Loader
- Counter Strike Sound database

Downloading Flash CS3 again (New PC) as we speak
2009 Apr 29 at 19:21 PDT — Ed. 2009 Apr 29 at 19:25 PDT
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