question about wad

question about wad

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2008 Mar 10 • 99
hey i made my own texture or.wad what ever way you prefer of sayin, anways when i compile the map its fine but when i try to run the map in cs it closes cs and a little window says cannot find BulletProofKillahSig.wad how do i make it so it can find the wad?
2008 Mar 16 at 16:00 PDT
2008 Mar 10 • 99
o yea and here are my written things in the .bat file

@echo off
hlcsg -wadinclude BulletProofKillahSig.wad BoostKill
hlbsp BoostKill
hlvis BoostKill
hlrad BoostKill
copy BoostKill.bsp "c:\Programfiles\steam\steamapps\Adrenalin_rising\counterstrike\cstrike\maps"
cd D:\CSNS
hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map BoostKill

and when i export the .maps do the HAVE to be in the zhlt folder? or can i set it to the cstrike folder
2008 Mar 16 at 16:11 PDT — Ed. 2008 Mar 16 at 16:12 PDT
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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Instead of -wadinclude just use -nowadtextures. It will make your map bigger but hell, who doesn't have the disc space and bandwidth nowadays?

And the maps have to be in ZHLT, yes, unless you fancy mucking about with CD ../../cstrike commands.

Trust me, having them in the ZHLT folder is easier.
2008 Mar 16 at 16:37 PDT — Ed. 2008 Mar 16 at 16:39 PDT
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