Question for SuperJer

Question for SuperJer

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2013 Feb 21 • 1
Hey, I'm a big fan of de_contra. I was thinking of working on a version of contra for CSGO, but I heard that you were working on your own port? Is this true?

I don't want to waste my time making it if your version is coming out in the future. Also, if you're not making one, are you ok with me making a port?

ps: I couldn't figure out how to PM on your forums, if there even is a way.
2013 Feb 21 at 21:33 PST — Ed. 2013 Feb 21 at 21:34 PST
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SJ is working on another map called substation, he's not working on contra. I highly doubt he'd mind if you made a GO contra.
2013 Feb 21 at 22:26 PST
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GOcontra would be awesome.
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2013 Feb 22 at 02:12 PST
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