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S.A.H Features Triage Center

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2005 Mar 20 • 5955
I was just wondering what features people are most interested in for SAH. I also need some place just to keep track of what I want to
work on. Welcome. Welcome to that place.

Nothing here is a guarantee that it will ever actually be implemented.

  • RB-100 "LOL", "True Facts!", "Too Soon" response buttons for non-Czars during selection phase. You'd see them flashing when other people are hammering on them. These would be customizable for each game and would replace the card-voting feature from the old version.
  • CD-301 Custom decks.
  • RAND-104 Better "randomization." Try to keep the same cards from coming up over and over. This is actually less random and more uniform.
  • WR-22 Tracking for card play / win-rate stats.
  • NINT-60 New interface for reading the white cards in the selection phase. With 12 players and a play-3 card it is hard to deal with.
  • LIVE-85 Live edits. Let players spend points (or something) to make SMALL edits to their white cards. Maybe up to 3 characters.
  • REJ-599 Reject cards. Give players the option to reject a white card and draw a new one. BUT! Someone else can take it, and if they win with it there are MAJOR PENALTIES.

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