[Shape] How to make rocks?

[Shape] How to make rocks?

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2008 Aug 31 • 93
How to make rocks? If can, the realistic one.
thank you.

And I have question.
- How to make "round" shape on VHE?

Is there are someone who has created a "unique" shape with VHE that others maybe not able to make?

I just want to know ... Maybe I can use as prefab.
Thank you ...
[Noobs] Lorenzo
2011 Mar 1 at 07:47 PST
2011 Feb 2 • 39
Just make a block, then make it the shape u want with the vertex tool and the cutting tool maybe and then texture the rock... i think. :)

How to make a round shape?
Um, also with vertex tool and cutting tool i think. But u cant get it right round, it will have sharp edges...again, i think :D Here's a picture :).. look for tuts in google.

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2009 Nov 13 • 2045
Yep, it can't handle anything that's actually round, so you have to make things that're roundish... textures make a world of difference in making things look different shapes than they really are.

But keep in mind the engine can't really handle that much, so don't make things complicated.
2011 Mar 1 at 14:15 PST

2010 Dec 16 • 239
to make round shapes EASYEST ckisk brush tool under texture window(on right panel) is swith: Primitives and udder is swtich: block. change this to arch
2011 Mar 2 at 01:07 PST
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