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2006 May 20 • 287
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This was many years ago ...I was prob just a Fuck Tard like most of you at the time ..but the storie is TRUE..this happen in WA. state..for you NOOBs thats the top left state in the USA...anyways...A friend of mine had a some hunting dogs that tracked Black Bear ,Cougar, and Racoons...well lets get to the storie.."BTW there wont be a test on this"
It was mid week and we left town early 7am ..we got out to the timber when the fog was still on the ground...we started to drive the timber line ..the Timber was to are right and the left of us it was logged ..there was a dirt bank that went up about 4-10 ft at anygive time on are right into the tree's...anyways we were doing like 5 mph / real slow to let the dogs do there thing and catch a scent..there were 3 dogs on the hood 1 in the cab and 4 in the back..we had a 30 ot 6 and a 30/30 rifle...anyways..about after 20 min the dogs picked up a we STOPED the truck and the dogs took off...we had the windows down so we could hear them once they went into the tree line ..we drove like 1/2 mile b4 they were off to our left ..we loaded the rifles and started to climb the dirt the time we got 15-20 Ft in the timber line the dogs were back....there hair was up and all cowering around my buddys leggs..I was like WTF lets go ..but since i was a NOOB and did not know what the dogs were doing i had no idea ..
Well the look in my buddy's face was enough..he was white / pale white..he said lets get the Fuck out of here now...NOW i was getting scared ..well we busted ass back to the truck loaded up and got going we drove off my buddy told me there was NOTHING them dogs would run from ..Hell they would die fighting a Hence only ONE thing out there in them Hills that would freek out 9 dogs or so ..BIG FOOT ..PS. we never saw him / it ..but you do the math .....
2006 Aug 3 at 19:07 PDT
Was: Kaddi...something

2006 Feb 20 • 34
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your going to die tommorow
2006 Aug 4 at 07:51 PDT
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2005 Mar 22 • 1871
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"Homeslice" said:
..but you do the math .....

3 (Top left state) * 7 am [(4+10 ft)/2 x 5 mph / 8 dogs + (30 ot + 30 rifle)] + 20 min + [(.5 mi * b4)] + (15+20 ft)/2] / 9 dogs

No solution! You forgot to carry one of the dogs from the first half!

100% natural, no antibiotics, and bloodgrass-fed
2006 Aug 4 at 14:38 PDT
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