So what actually...

So what actually...

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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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...projects a 3D enviroment onto a 2D computer screen? Do you do just a bunch of hardware calls to the graphics card, or do you need to do pixel by pixel math in order to get the final 2D image?

In other words: what does a graphics card do exactly? Does it render the 3D sceen itself? And How does 3d rendering work?
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2006 Nov 24 at 21:22 PST
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2005 Apr 23 • 94
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im not entirely sure about this, but i think that a 3d enviornment is simply floating textures. The game uses math (graphing) to draw the polygon wireframe to a vanishing point, and the textures are layed ontop of these polygons. Depending on the players perspective the texture's image is skewed and distorted depending on the polygon's placement. Earlier 3d objects were rendered by "floating pixels" Half-Life was one of the games that pioneered actually laying bitmaps over polygons.
So I believe the graphics card will take this enviornment in 3d form, lay the textures, then compile the pixel placement from your point of view onto your monitor. well i think so
2006 Nov 26 at 17:52 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441

It's all about triangles!! And matrix multiplication.

The thing about triangles is, a triangle in either 2D or 3D looks like a simple 2D triangle on your screen, no matter how you look at it.

One thing the graphics card does to make 3D happen is transform the points on all your triangles from the game world, to points on the screen.

In the world, they are 3D (x,y,z) points, but on your screen they are just 2D (x,y) points. A triangle made out of (x,y) points is really easy to draw, and yes the graphics card does that, and FAST. It's designed to fill pixels inside a triangle very fast. The color for each pixel can come from a texture (bitmap), lighting, shaders, fog, etc. and combinations of those.

The way your graphics card transforms points in 3D space to pixels on your screen is by using a transformation matrix.

A point in space is a vector, or "one-dimensional matrix", like this:

[code:1][[ 3.7]

If you take that matrix and multiply it by a projection transformation matrix, the result will be the 2D (x,y) location where the point ends up on your screen, plus a depth value.

Although the graphics card does this work, the game programmer has to set up all the matrixes and decide exactly how they should work. The graphics card just takes them and multiplies really fast.


Half-Life was not the first game to use bitmapped polygons, Doom, Wolfenstein, Magic Carpet and many more did this earlier. Not to mention Quake which Half-Life is based on.
2006 Nov 27 at 10:55 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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How does it fill the pixels into the triangles?
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2006 Oct 2 • 60
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Pixels are a bitch
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