superjer cell bill

superjer cell bill

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Metal does cocaine.

Frontline Heroism Medal
2005 Mar 21 • 1531
36 ₧
oh man

That sucks ass.
If you jump high enough you'll hurt your ankles when you land.
2007 Dec 16 at 15:55 PST
Count Adelaide

Roar Of The Tigress Medal
2007 Jun 24 • 84
68 ₧
I didn't know superjer was a oil worker.But i believe him using it that way. Ya know,Wth all his fucking six screens and shit.

Poor guy.
(probably not even him)
Make awkward sexual advances, not war.
Down Rodeo said:
Dammit, this was the one place that didn't have this, but noooooo, molkman pisses all over that
2007 Dec 16 at 16:18 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6311
I don't have 6 screens on my cell phone.
2007 Dec 16 at 20:51 PST
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