Superjer.. Why havent you made one.

Superjer.. Why havent you made one.

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2006 Nov 30 • 24
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Im not sure if a topic like this was made before.
Superjer.... Lol, when i was making my map i was wondering. Why havent you made a McDiddys map yet?? like yah.... It could be de_mcdiddys1, refering to mcdiddys 1, and de_mcdiddys2 refering to mc diddys 2. Lol yah, i would play it and submit it to my friends server.
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2006 Dec 5 at 17:28 PST
The Original Portmanteau

2005 Mar 21 • 12861
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im pretty sure there was one made a while ago...right?
it had the club and stuff

what happned to that one anyway?
2006 Dec 5 at 19:46 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
I don't know I just haven't. McDiddy's is a cartoon, not a map.

Some other people have made them.

I will make one for my own game (CS rip-off) some day.
2006 Dec 7 at 00:57 PST
2005 Apr 17 • 5
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The old one you're thinking of mello, is one that I made long, long ago. I'm sure there's a link around here somewhere...
2006 Dec 7 at 17:00 PST
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