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I hope you don't read that Sabre-Scorpion guy's stuff too often... he doesn't seem to be cool like SA authors in that they just make shit up all the time just to piss people off and get hate-mail. He actually BELIEVES what he's saying... he also thuroughly does the "There's ONE thing I don't like so the whole things is bad" routine almost non-stop.

I read the extreme fantasy thing first, and I sort of agreed with him... it does look extremely stupid and all, but he bases so much of it on standards that he arbitrarily applies. Elves in LotR are pretty, THEREFORE anything called elves in ANYTHING ELSE has to be pretty or you are DOING IT WRONG. He claimed more than once that things in fantasy games were unrealistic and therefore bad... ITS A FUCKING FANTASY GAME IF IT WAS REALISTIC IT WOULDNT BE FUCKING CALLED FANTASY.
And does this mean he likes old D&Dish art where everyone has huge 80's hair? Because that's where people's bodies are human shaped in almost all old fantasy. Come to think of it, all of that did the "women in metal bikinis" thing too. Only fantasy thing I can think of that doesn't do "women in metal bikinis" is Asheron's Call... well, and LotR.

He also claims to have read the Harry Potter books... if he really has, he isn't very good at processeing letters into words and then sentences and understanding them as ideas. He went so far as to declare that in the Goblet of Fire tournament (if you've seen the movie) Dumbledore and the tournament officials risked the lives of several students by stunning them and tying them to the bottom of a lake. In the contest they were supposed to rescue ONE of them and come back, the fastest wins. Harry tried to rescue more than one because he thought they were in real danger and that nobody was coming for them... and then everyone laughed at him (in the book AND movie) because OBVIOUSLY they were not in any danger at all. HOW DID HE MISS THAT WTF IS HE DEFICIENT?!

ALSO he picked the cliche stance when bashing anime. He decided it was a genre and then decided that it all looks the same... He also made the age-old claim that the animation is crappy and they just show a black screen and a streak or one frame of animation. Yeah, they do that... SOMETIMES. Since "Anime" isn't one show it doesn't apply to all of it. Fight scenes in some Anime are very well animated (anything Miyazaki, anything Masamune Shirow, anything Gainax and anything with funding really...) He of COURSE complains that people's eyes are big and that makes ANIME bad and old and non-anime influenced AMERICAN cartoons are SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE PEOPLE'S EYES AREN'T BIG. Well... number one... it's a fucking CARTOON. If he can't tell, they are not REAL PEOPLE and are not meant to even LOOK like real people... ya know, that's why they animated it instead of making it live-action? Also, lots of great All-American Cartoons/comics have people with fucking enormous eyes and unrealistic bodies... Zim? Garfield? Do I really need to name more things? I could go on... but you can just read his rant (which does point out lots things that really are bad in some anime like poor animation and repeated cliches and unrealistic military vehicles in situations where they really shouldn't be). He just does the typical "I'm not going to even watch it because I'm sure it's bad even though I've NEVER WATCHED IT." even though he's clearly watched it... multi-stupidity FTW!!

I really honestly hope everything he's saying is SA style but so far I'm sure it's not...

...LOL I just ranted about rants!! <3 xoxoxo @ AaronJer!!
2006 Sep 22 at 23:59 PDT
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