That one RPG game?

That one RPG game?

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2008 Jul 5 • 583
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Okay, so some years ago I was at a friend and we were playing games. One of the games was some sort of RPG, I think it was either on the original xbox or playstation 1/2.

You played as 2 different characters, one which was a human boy. You leave the first city you're in for adventure. This character is possibly a prince or something, I don't know. When you leave the first city you have with you another character (who I believe is female). When you've been in the jungle outside the first city a long time enough you fight a ranged boy who calls himself the jungle king or similiar. He wears a wooden mask, then he joins you.

The other character is a half demon/animal-thing half human, who is bullied in the demon/animal-thing's place because of this. This character lives with a witch that dislikes him and treates him more like a slave. Later, this witch tries to sell you to some people, and tries to bait you out by being injured. Since you hate her, you don't step directly into the trap. Also you get a female (I think) friend there.

The combat was turn based, with the basic RPG battle system.

The game is called something like twin souls or something similiar, I think, but I found nothing from googling it.
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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Final Fantasy?
Free Steam Games
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2008 Jul 5 • 583
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Today's post brought to you by the letter: "heck".
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Star Ocean?
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