Trouble with sky

Trouble with sky

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2006 Mar 4 • 14
22 ₧
im having trouble with the sky texture and ive been trying to find sumthin on the internet but i just cant. So....i was wondering if ne of u guys can tell me exactly wat i need to do to make sky. thx
2006 Mar 18 at 20:00 PST
Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
34 ₧
You need the sky texture, it is in the halflife.wad.

All it is, is a sky blue texture..that is named "sky"
2006 Mar 19 at 09:10 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6507
You can use any texture as long as it is called "sky"

It doesn't have to be from halflife.wad

You can even make your own.

The "sky" texture does not affect how the sky looks in game. Rather, that is part of the map properties.
2006 Mar 19 at 20:20 PST
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