V-SJ.N Day

V-SJ.N Day

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2006 Apr 21 • 17
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It began as a disagreement about the taxation of trade routs, but soon building tensions lead to full scale war. A war which would shake the interweb to its very foundations and moorings. The World Web War.

[Pictured: The valiant forces of the Superjer.com 177th Air Armored Calvary locked in earnest combat during their historical LOL Strike operation off the coast of Superjer.net.]

[Pictured: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, episode 1019, making a passing reference to the war.]

Though the war raged for two weeks, Superjer.com and its Allies emerged victorious.
A victory which was won one year ago on this day.

[Here we see the thoroughly flamed Anti-Jer surrendering to an Incognito Superjer at the grounds of the Superjer.com server compound, San Diego.]

On this day we celebrate our Comrade-Leader
2006 Dec 14 at 00:17 PST
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