War- a game you will like

War- a game you will like

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2005 Apr 30 • 315
167 ₧
Alright, listen up!

Those jerks over at Fortress Forever have launched an insidious plan to make THEIR site the #1 Horse Porn resource on the net. We cannot let this iniquitous action stand. We must meet this threat with the same bravery that that brought superjer.net to its knees.

And we shall do it, by playing this awesome game, wherein you try to kill the thing that was last posted.Then someone else would post what killed that, and so on and so forth.

1.) Only one picture per post.
2.) Your killer cant be someone you cant kill (a nuclear explosion, for example).
3.) You MUST post a picture in this Fire Truck. If you are incapable of posting the picture, at least post a link to the picture.
4.) No irrelevant posting. If you only post a line or two about
Thus spoke Zarathustra.
2006 Jul 15 at 00:23 PDT
Ph. D in Cryonics

2006 Apr 26 • 398
11 ₧
Survivalist goon and his hick friends (and Kevin Bacon) are killed by Graboids.

What if Gillette WAS the best a man could get?
2006 Jul 15 at 00:24 PDT
Cammi Falls
Fuck you, Ribbon!

2006 Apr 23 • 29
21 ₧
The Sailor Senshi pown the tremors monster-of-the-week style.

Motherfucking Moon Prism Power, bitch!
Quando omni flunkus moritati.
2006 Jul 15 at 00:25 PDT

2006 Apr 24 • 17
21 ₧
The Sailor Scouts are no match for the KING OF TERRORS!
You’ve got a dream? I’ll break it! You’ve got a girl? I’ll take it! You wanna fight? Don’t try. You gonna win? Don’t lie.
2006 Jul 15 at 00:27 PDT
Metal does cocaine.

Frontline Heroism Medal
2005 Mar 21 • 1531
36 ₧
King of terrors gets owned by Pennywise the Dancing Clown
If you jump high enough you'll hurt your ankles when you land.
2006 Jul 23 at 18:08 PDT
My vagina can talk! It says, "Help!"

2006 Jul 5 • 168
18 ₧

Steven Hawkings will use his wheelchair powers to crush the whole sailor moonfaction AND the King!!

ps (pennywise didnt work )
@( o_o )@
2006 Jul 25 at 23:06 PDT
*****'n Admin

Comrade General 5-Star
2005 Mar 21 • 4790
1,227 ₧
2006 Jul 31 at 02:49 PDT
My vagina can talk! It says, "Help!"

2006 Jul 5 • 168
18 ₧
evil barney will have the last...."lap" aha

@( o_o )@
2006 Jul 31 at 10:00 PDT
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