Why my map is so lag, so slow ??

Why my map is so lag, so slow ??

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2011 Jun 25 • 1
Please help my map is so slow and i don't know what to do. Please help me !!
2011 Jun 25 at 14:37 PDT
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2008 Aug 1 • 3075
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Q: why is my map lagged
basically it depends on the "how much do i have" and the "how do i make Little of it"

how much objects do you have?
instead of LOTS boxes side by side (next to each other) just make one big rectangle and apply decals to the object!

to much complex models?

how big is the map?

is there a leak?

look at http://www.superjer.com/forum/mapping_faq_please_read_before_asking.php before you post.
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2011 Jun 25 at 23:46 PDT
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2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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Post compile log.
2011 Jun 27 at 02:29 PDT
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