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Recent posts by Artwie

Recent posts by Artwie

2007 Jun 19 at 15:58 PDT
New Problem... in Hammer Mapping
What about finding out yourself how too fix? we cant always do your work!

Look here for your plroblem and how too fix it...
2007 May 25 at 06:53 PDT
Hi, so yeah i gonna use costum wads but i dont want too wadinclude the wads...

But in which directory... u put your .wad files in... (i dont hope so it is a hidden directory )

Anyway.. can you also tell me where too put in costum .wavs??
2007 May 11 at 11:51 PDT
Nevermind i finded out how i could get it back

(for the guys with same problem) View -> screen elements -> the tab/tool you are missing
2007 May 11 at 11:48 PDT
Like i said above... weird enough my texture tab is gone, i have no clue how too get my tab back too, id dont know how too explain but maybe this picture will:

2007 May 7 at 10:30 PDT
I guess you just texured all brushes with an orgigin or clip texture.. go apply something else instead of clip textures
2007 May 3 at 11:40 PDT
I'd guess he just moved accidently some light entitys outside his "world"

But wait i need too ask you something... Do u use walls with that contain entitys like func_illusionary beceause i think that can occur a leak too.
2007 May 2 at 17:29 PDT
Making maps for 2 Games in Hammer Mapping
So i wanna make maps for Half life and for counterstrike

But... How i can i map for both games without messing it up?

Or should i have 2 versions of hammer editor?

SuperJer help me
2007 Apr 22 at 03:23 PDT
Hi , Im a "newbie"

Id do nothing wrong and readed the rules...

So wont blame on me

Wow my first post on this forum ever