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Recent posts by azn258

2008 Oct 5 at 10:04 PDT
helps plesase ! in Hammer Mapping
hi im having a problem finding the wad beacause i got steam and i cant find or where i can download it for free? because in the wadfather i have to pay :S i hope u can help
2008 Jan 25 at 15:58 PST
water prob in Hammer Mapping
i got a problem with water, i want it totally transparent were u can see it trought without getting in the water so i put in fxmount to 0 but instead of being totally transparent it... dont know how to explain it well because im not very good with english, because im from a latin country), well it turns from opaque to light, well i think it will be easier to explain like this, its like a bad bulb that turns on and the turns off successively

well please help and i hope u understand my bad explanation about my problem
2008 Jan 10 at 15:59 PST
help pls i got an error in Hammer Mapping
oh thx a lot but wut is it for the yellow thing? and in entities by default it appears something call generic_ambient and the env_... wut r theyt for???
thank you a lot everyone!!
2008 Jan 10 at 09:30 PST
help pls i got an error in Hammer Mapping
ok i think i fix it it doesnt say anymore that prob now i cant play normal but i got this

hlrad v2.5.3 rel Custom Build 1.7 (Dec 9 2002)
Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools -- Custom Build
Based on code modifications by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh
Based on Valve's version, modified with permission.
Submit detailed bug reports to (
----- BEGIN hlrad -----
Command line: hlrad aim_azn

-= Current hlrad Settings =-
Name | Setting | Default
chop value [ 64.000 ] [ 64.000 ]
texchop value [ 32.000 ] [
32.000 ]

5638 faces
Create Patches : 68641 base patches
0 opaque faces
1304674 square feet [187873184.00 square inches]
Error: Exceeded MAX_PATCHES
Description: The map has a problem which must be fixed
Howto Fix: Check the file ZHLTProblems.html for a detailed explanation of this problem

----- END hlrad -----

its about the exceeded max_patches wut should i do? and i can play normally but when i move it look like alittle slower but its fine i think
2008 Jan 10 at 08:59 PST
help pls i got an error in Hammer Mapping
look im doing my 3 map well its the first one im proud of it hehe but thers a problem when a copilate it and i have never has it before and i dont why the problem appears if i had remake my map like 5 times (because i was testing them )and it has copilated well in all 5 before but now i got this hlvis: Error: Portal file 'aim_azn.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map. And i have already read some posted message with the same problem but i got no leak and no entity out i even hollow my map to make sure, well this is the complete error
aim_azn.err "hlvis: Error: Portal file 'aim_azn.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map"


pls help me i really want people play may map