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Recent posts by Brolyfreiza

2009 Jan 24 at 07:34 PST
help? in Hammer Mapping
yea :P lol, any idea what to do?
2009 Jan 24 at 07:27 PST
help? in Hammer Mapping
2009 Jan 24 at 06:22 PST
help? in Hammer Mapping
ok here is the room, is there any errors?

(Click for image)
2009 Jan 22 at 11:19 PST
help? in Hammer Mapping
and here is the other problem... after editing the map in the hammer what do i do?, there are so many files in ZHLT right now so im pretty confused :S
2009 Jan 22 at 06:07 PST
help? in Hammer Mapping
If you look at my previous thread "Steam error" you'll understand where i am going through.

After i pressed any key on the command console, i found my self in steam... and there was no cstrike 1.6 game in it.

so i changed the .bat to:

@echo off
hlcsg -nowadtextures First_map
hlbsp First_map
hlvis First_map
hlrad First_map
copy First_map.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Program Files\Valve\hl.exe" -nomaster -game cstrike -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map First_map

and i pressed any key and cstrike 1.6 opened with my map... great =D

buuuut... half of my body starts on the wall, and im not holding any weapons (even after i type impulse 101 o_O) so any help?
2009 Jan 21 at 09:53 PST
Steam problem in Hammer Mapping
Where can i install a counter strike 1.6 non steam?
I see alot of people who have a folder called sierra in "C:\"

i wanna be one of those peeps
2009 Jan 21 at 09:03 PST
Steam problem in Hammer Mapping
oh kk thx :)

ok now i have another problem, and this title suits it.

when i press any key in the command window, steam opens up and asks for my username and passoword.

how can i play cs without having to use steam? cause i hate steam, i quit it months ago and dont know what to do... and no i dont have:

C:\seirra\counter strike\bla bla bla"
its all in program files
2009 Jan 21 at 08:50 PST
Steam problem in Hammer Mapping
so instead of:
@echo off
hlcsg -nowadtextures mapname
hlbsp mapname
hlvis mapname
hlrad mapname
copy mapname.bsp "C:\Steam\SteamApps\EMAIL\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map mapname

i write
C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\maps

2009 Jan 21 at 08:40 PST
Steam problem in Hammer Mapping
"C:\Program Files\Valve\hl.exe"
2009 Jan 21 at 07:00 PST
Steam problem in Hammer Mapping
nope, nothing wrong... i play it fine.
it's a 2 in 1 thingy
i got cs zero, and cz 1.6 from the same file setup... and both of them are in the Valve folder, working just fine .
so im different from some of you guys, but im sure there is a way to write it down in the mapname.bat