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Recent posts by buq25

2017 Oct 6 at 15:33 PDT
Life in General
Video of video getting lost accidentally fed into a document shredder.
2017 Oct 5 at 16:00 PDT
Life in General
Video accidentally lost.
2016 Dec 3 at 14:44 PST
What's the best way to test server stuff? in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
I'm working on a very basic project in html and javascript, but it requires sending information from a file to a server to be used in another file. Creating .html files and working on them in a folder is easy peasy, but what do I do if I want to just practise the most basics of server stuff?
Is there a way of just connecting to like\filelocation\file or something?
(I do not need to access these things from outside of the local network)
2016 Jun 12 at 14:47 PDT
If you have a dream about _, it meas you’re worried about _.
I assume that that black card is misspelled?

Due to the economic crisis,   is finally economically viable.

Due to the economic crisis, complex maths is finally economically viable.
Due to the economic crisis, a dusty butthole is finally economically viable.
Due to the economic crisis, Indian burn is finally economically viable.
Due to the economic crisis, my sweet is finally economically viable.
Due to the economic crisis, non-union scabs! is finally economically viable.
Due to the economic crisis, wobbles is finally economically viable.

I don't believe  {n} exists. Do you believe  {n} exists?1

I don't believe a big chicken order exists. Do you believe a big chicken order exists?
I don't believe spider silk exists. Do you believe spider silk exists?
I don't believe an eyebrow exists. Do you believe an eyebrow exists?
I don't believe your lifestyle exists. Do you believe your lifestyle exists?
I don't believe a bitter rivalry exists. Do you believe a bitter rivalry exists?
I don't believe the deceased exists. Do you believe the deceased exists?

Should the above card use exists or exist?

mental anorexia nc

The doctor held up my x-ray and I could just make out mental anorexia.
If you do it right, mental anorexia is all about goners.
My dream house has a dense woolly undercoat over the chest built in, an extra garage for mental anorexia, and a more cavernous vagina for the door bell.
Her inheritance was squandered upon rumble mode while Cinderella was abused and forced to become mental anorexia in her own home.
Give a man hot water and you feed him for a day. Give him mental anorexia, and you feed him for a lifetime.
What’s in the fridge? Soda, OJ, mental anorexia... Sweet! Sunny-D!

a big black man n

The Halifax bridge failed under the intense weight of meaningless symbols, so the temporary replacement uses a big black man.
Can you come get me? I agreed to go with some guys who promised me a big black man and it’s getting weird.
The 7 deadly sins: lust, gluttony, a big black man, sloth, wrath, a code to live by, and pride.
New extreme Mountain Dew™ flavor: A Big Black Man Blast!
Kraft Foods has announced that it will phase out the use of a big black man in its food processing operations.
Some anarchist made the sign over the expressway say “THE STATE IS A BIG BLACK MAN THINKING ABOUT DWARVES.”

2016 Apr 2 at 01:02 PDT
Make python spit out results that's all pretty like in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
What it's like:

What I want it to be like(simulated using Mspaint):

Is there any fancy thing to do that? Like pressing tab in most text editors.
2016 Feb 22 at 12:32 PST
SuperJer said:
It may be hell to pay for the average internet goer, but when I get around to adding them to the deck it'll save me a lot of time. I always test all the cards before adding them.

What about adding a button next to each CARD that does all this work then, instead of having it constantly enabled? Then you could also have the button generate another 5 at any point you wish to test the card more.
2016 Jan 14 at 10:42 PST
Sick vid
2015 Nov 18 at 10:40 PST
The campaign is single player, but there is a two player co-op "story"-mode thing. You play it with 1 of 6 different characters that modify their race, adds powerful spells and has unlockable progress stuff. 3 of these 6 characters are free to play, if you just install SC2. Perhaps one person has to own the game though, not sure.
2015 Nov 17 at 11:50 PST
Okay found a "solution" or "temporary work-around".
If I changed the input to HDMI (DTV) instead of HDMI (PC) I was allowed to manually change the settings for height placement of the input. HDMI (DTV) has the problem of being constantly zoomed in and I was unable to zoom out, but if I changed it's height placement value and then changed back to HDMI (PC) it remembered it's placement from the HDMI (DTV) settings.

I have not yet tried turning it off and back on and see what demons that spring up when I do, but for now it's fixed.

I found out how to go into the Service Menu, but none of the 6 standard LG passwords worked for me, presumably the person I bought the TV from had changed it. So if anybody happens to know how to factory reset an LG 42LB1R-ZE without needing to reach the service menu, I'd be greatful to know.
2015 Nov 16 at 14:11 PST
SuperJer said:
Well the cheapest solution is probably just to switch to 768p when you want to use the TV.

Did your computer automatically switch to 768p when you plugged the TV in? You could also try forcing the output to 1080p and see if the TV shows anything. It's not likely, but hey that's all I can come up with.

The TV does NOT support 1080p input, but I think the Intel graphics fakes a 1080i, even though the support page for the TV says (I think) it doesn't support it.

Edit: nope, I read wrong. The TV (LG 42LB1R-ZE if you're interested) does support 1080i, but I needed to install Intel's program to change to it.

So, presumably, there's something going wrong in the mirroring a 1080p and a 1080i monitor.