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Recent posts by CameronLancaster

Recent posts by CameronLancaster

May 20 at 11:06 PDT
Teaching a skeleton to vibrate

You evaded my “Teaching a Skeleton to Vibrate” attack! Most impressive.
My wife printed me a certifcate for teaching a skeleton to vibrate. I’m excited for tonight!
Today at school the teacher asked us “what we want to be when we grow up?” I responded: teaching a skeleton to vibrate!!!
Don't you hate when you see teaching a skeleton to vibrate in the carpool lane?
It wasn’t in the movie, but they had a lot of teaching a skeleton to vibrate on the Titanic.
Class, turn to page 105 and read “Teaching a Skeleton to Vibrate and You”.

May 13 at 18:50 PDT
Your wrinkly niece

The children in this wing of the hospital are here because of your wrinkly niece.
The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served my family nothing but your wrinkly niece.
The blurry picture of the “Loch Ness monster” was actually a picture of your wrinkly niece.
I went to cut the cake, and to my delight, your wrinkly niece popped out!
When the suspect’s car crashed, your wrinkly niece launched from the trunk and landed sixty feet away.
Make sure to hang your wrinkly niece in a tree so bears leave your tent alone.

2016 Aug 1 at 18:08 PDT
ummm....??? who is this sposed to be erotic for???? u should not post this kind of thing on the forum

keep this shit (no pun intended to yourSELF!
2015 Oct 1 at 03:31 PDT
your grandmother, who loves you
2015 Sep 30 at 01:15 PDT
hauling rocks for the elderly
2015 Apr 11 at 14:13 PDT
Dream Time in General
So basically, I find out that my uncle has died and that we (my mother and I, my only immediate family) have been invited to his mansion for a week-long celebration of his accomplishments during his life.

I know very little of my uncle, other than that he is very wealthy and quite favors a distant relative of mine--a second cousin twice removed or something--who is about my age and whose interests and accomplishments closely mirror his own.

I bring my boyfriend as my +1 and the two of us enjoy the comforts of high society during day one. As the day draws to a close, I overhear a conversation between my mother and a few other family members about inheritance. Since my mother is his only sibling and women can't inherit (thus ruling out his wife and daughter), I realize that I'm the blood heir to his fortune.

However, I also know that his favoritism of my second cousin, along with the fact that his lingering sickness gave him much preamble to his death, means that he's likely to have left him everything.

So, my boyfriend and I make it a mission to sneak out at night and find his study, to burn the will and leave me as the sole heir.

However, as we're handling the will, my cousin shows up. He knows what's going on and threatens to tell. Before I can react, my boyfriend grabs a display flintlock pistol and kills him. We flee the scene, destroying the will in secret later.

The remaining days of the celebration become a murder mystery in which I plan to implicate his younger brother, by pleading that I thought it only natural that my cousin deserved the inheritance because I knew how close my uncle and cousin were.

However, my boyfriend grows weary of the lying and his deteriorating psyche in the aftermath of killing someone starts to grow apparent.
The dream ended as I was planning to kill him, too.
2015 Apr 2 at 23:06 PDT
a boy, but like... a manly boy
2015 Feb 18 at 01:49 PST
a slippery Chris Farley baby
the stretchiest boyhole

Tim adds: getting pumped full of rope
2014 Nov 25 at 22:56 PST
I'm reminded of my ex every day by ______ they left behind.

Sir, you have a phone call. Something about... "________?"

2014 Sep 12 at 13:00 PDT
White card: An all-retard disco band called "Get Downs Tonight"