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2006 Aug 25 at 03:03 PDT
Parachute map in Hammer Mapping
Another question: I'm trying to make the water transparent like in fy_pool_day, any help?
2006 Jul 20 at 01:53 PDT
Parachute map in Hammer Mapping
Hello again i'm making a map with 2 buildings where the ct an t will spawn, the pleayers have to jump and when they get down they can fight with knife or take a he. The map will work with the amxx parachute plugin

On the map is a scout to, but is more difficult to get, any way if they get it on the next round they still have it, i dont want that, how can I fix this?

Is there a way that the map can perform a comand or somethig? I mean the players have to buy every round the parachute with the say comand "buy_parachute" is there a way to automatize this only on my map?
2006 May 12 at 04:24 PDT
Some questions.. in Hammer Mapping
"jacksmoke234" said:

You can't actually make it so glass breaks after 10 shots because each gun does different damage. You have to set the breaking of the glass to a different damage to break level.

I can't find the break level obtion..

"superjer" said:
"jacksmoke234" said:
The white spot is where 2 brushes don't meet correctly, look in Hammer for that.

That MAY be it but it could jsut be how your video card draws polygons. I'm not sure how to fix that but try your video settings in windows, depending on your card's manufacturer.

I added more light and they disappeared but not all of them
2006 May 7 at 14:50 PDT
Some questions.. in Hammer Mapping
I placed my map in the maps folder but is not in the list, i have to write "map mymap.bsp" in the console to play it.
2006 May 6 at 11:51 PDT
Some questions.. in Hammer Mapping
Hello all, the forum is awesome and the tutorial about hammer is to.

My first question is: how can I put my map in the menu?

Second one: When I shot once the glass is broking, I want that my glass will broke after 10 bullets for example how can I do that?

And the last one, how can I fix this white points?

Sorry for my bad english..