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One liner jokes : Caution : May Die from laughterl Your mama is so hairy she got afros on her titties Your mama is so old she got dust bunnies under her rinkles Your mama lips are so fat she need a paint roller to apply lipstick

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Recent posts by Duke

2006 Dec 26 at 08:42 PST
McDiddy's Game in Other Help
Can anyone make a new game
2006 Dec 12 at 20:11 PST
Hot or Not in General
Hi umm.. Ive been on dis forum for 3 weeks or so.. and i havent seen any pics of people aside from superjer. Post your picture of yourself. Hot or Not :D I did this in other forums it was fun......
2006 Dec 12 at 19:29 PST
In a shack working for shaq :D
2006 Dec 11 at 15:26 PST
Sadly, Now i feel like cutting MY self...
2006 Dec 11 at 15:21 PST
Cool Beans
2006 Dec 10 at 12:14 PST
Update ;/
2006 Dec 10 at 12:12 PST
Is there? in General
Link me to it :D
2006 Dec 9 at 15:59 PST

Here is some laughs to brighten your Time Zone :D

Caution : Duke does not take responsibility from you dying from the following things : laughing


Yo mama is so hairy she got afros on her titties

Yo Mama is so ugly when she looked out the window she got arreasted for mooning

Yo mama is so old she has dust bunnies under her rinkles,

Yo mama lips are so huge she needs a paint roller to put lipstick on

Yo mama is just like Home Depot, 5 cents per screw

Yo mama is just like quarters, She does heads and tails

Yo mama is so fat and white, she was called the Iceberg in titanic

Yo mama is so Black ( I heard it in yo mama) when she went into a Hot Tub cofee was born!

Yo mama is so poor when i stepped on a ciggarate she said "WHO TURN OFF THE HEAT"

Yo mama is so stupid when she went to a bank and it said "insert deposit" she started Pumping her boob to take the milk out.

Your mama is just like a race car, burning 4 rubbers a night.

Your mama is so hairy!! when she was doing the thing with your dad, your dad got a 1st degree burn.


Tats all the jokes i remember..

POST your jokes.
2006 Dec 9 at 15:49 PST
Ohh... You will have to stupid that down so i can understand more properaly you thanks

2006 Dec 9 at 15:29 PST
Is there? in General
Hey... I was wondeirng. Has anyone in this forum ever succesfully make a Game? Like any game. -.- If so, Reply:
THANK YOU! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::