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Why You Care?
melloyellow582 said:
I post sometimes, to make a point.

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Recent posts by fedex _

Yesterday at 23:14 PST
Why is this the only active truck?

Life without love is like Why is this the only active truck? without her cooter or fruit.
At my workplace, robots have replaced the humans for putting my mouth on it and Why is this the only active truck? at the assembly line.
There is a rumor that Marilyn Manson had ice cold seawater removed so he could be Why is this the only active truck?.
I would have never thought that I’d actually be child-bearing hips while I’m Why is this the only active truck?!
Wine tasters describe this Pinot Grigio as having silky hints of spinning blades and a mouthfeel like Why is this the only active truck?.
So what I’m saying is we have Why is this the only active truck? to thank for Obama’s America.

Aug 23 at 14:45 PDT
Doom in Vidja Games
jordanrock77 said:
The game was installed in the system and stored in the Memory card. Thus I permanently stored the game file inside the memory card. Memory Card Data Recovery allowed me to get back all the game files which were stored in the memory card whenever they were removed.

Aug 7 at 23:52 PDT
the_cloud_system said:
We all kinda lurk.

It's true I come here and look around but don't really post cause superjer's humanity truck , just read the post mostly
Mar 19 at 20:10 PDT
Introduction in General
KreepsKross said:
Not sure if anyone had done this already, so I just made this thread for new guys like me to create an intro. Anyway, newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online superjer community. I'm hoping to have fun with the other members here. Cheers!

Have fun , most of everyone here is an asshole except superjer himself but other then that welcome

2017 Nov 3 at 19:07 PDT
Universal Paperclips in Vidja Games
This game or whatever it is , sucks balls I cannot sell or make enough money so screw this game I rather play Adventure Capitalist
2017 Jul 30 at 19:07 PDT
Oren Segal said:
Oren Segal Co-Director of the Center on Extremism, ADL

I like these guys...
2017 Jul 30 at 19:06 PDT
Error compiler in Hammer Mapping
SuperJer said:
WHAT is going on with the error messages?

Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory
2017 Jul 28 at 21:12 PDT
Error compiler in Hammer Mapping
I know this is old but lmao why did no one help him , after reading the compile log I started to laugh lol
2017 Jul 28 at 21:09 PDT
Trucks Exist in General
wallworm said:
Emaileth me.

What the shit it "Emaileth"
2017 Jul 28 at 21:02 PDT
Contact info? in General
wallworm said:
Seriously, that sinful dude is not worth responding too. Really. Also, he may have rabies. I know this because I have a dog and also (embarrassingly) I know him.