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Recent posts by Frost1

2008 Aug 27 at 17:14 PDT
water in Hammer Mapping
if you press run map in hammer assuming you have steam it will start a lan server map and let you play on it to see if you need to add some more things or not!

also make sure you have steam running before you run the map it saves time that way you dont have to wait for steam to start up!
2008 Aug 27 at 16:21 PDT
thanks i fixed it i forgot to add an entity to the map.

it took me a few minutes to find the problem but i got.

And again thanks for the HELP!!!
2008 Aug 24 at 20:47 PDT
thanks for the help Edan, and SRAW.

ive got every thing done with my map but I dont know how to add it to steam do i need to download a dedicated server from steam tools and then put it in there or not also when i test my map it says error on info_player start in the command menu from steam.

I mean it compiles the map and it works fine i just get that error message for info player start in the command menu
2008 Aug 24 at 18:55 PDT
No sky texture in zhlt in Hammer Mapping
i cant find the sky texture in zhlt.wad would it be the one that says invisable.
2008 Aug 24 at 18:35 PDT
need help making stairs in Hammer Mapping
for some reason or another i cant make stairs or figure out how to make a slope like in de_dust2 at bomb site A, in counter strike please help!!!
2008 Aug 24 at 18:33 PDT
hi i just started maping and i have problem.

I have everything finished and my env light is placed but when I play the map my screen is black and i cant see anything.

also i have keept everything for the light properties the same and i have no error messages when compileing. please help!
2008 Jun 9 at 15:46 PDT
3D view is messed up! in Hammer Mapping
I tryed that and it still does not show the 3d view of my object.
2008 Jun 9 at 15:36 PDT
3D view is messed up! in Hammer Mapping
Need help!!

every time i try to make anything it will not show the 3d view in the camera box.