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Recent posts by hansy

2009 Oct 1 at 12:54 PDT
so, finally another update from me.

i think i finally finished my map, but i have yet to test it against others to see if it works etc.

but it's a very simple map, so i'm positiv that it will work.

the grenades, i have put them into each other.
the costum wad, when i used -wadinclude it finally seemed to work.

thx all for your great help.

2009 Sep 27 at 07:13 PDT
thx guys!

i'll try that soon and i will tell you, if it worked.
2009 Sep 25 at 12:37 PDT
Killer-Duck said:
magcover2 and poster9 aren't decal textures, they're just normal textures and can't be used as decals.

If you want it to look like that picture in Hammer you could just cut out two square blocks from the walls and apply those textures to the blocks instead.

ok thx, but then, imo, the editor should have said that. (error msg or so :P)

thx for the tipp, i might do that.

but the problem stays, how can i, without using decals, since this picture: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/3262/65483766.jpg
is obviously not using decals either, do that?
is there a (hidden) texture or something?
how can i write to textures without forcing people do download a new .wad file?
in short, i'd like to write on the wall (texture?), but without costum .wad files.
2009 Sep 24 at 12:12 PDT
Killer-Duck said:
Whats the name of the decals you're trying to use?

i think i try to use those:
- magcover2 (this one is a playboy picture)
- {capsa (this one represents an A, {capsb is a B etc.)
- poster9 (a picture with an eagle)

those do show up in the editor, i draw them with apply decals. on the map, i just created, it's not showing up when i start it "local game". infact, nothing is showing up in my "box" when i use mp_decals 0. with 90, it showes those {caps letters. but not the rest, here i show you:
first picture, is how i see it in the valve hammer:

this picture, is with mp_decals 90:
with mp_decals 0, i see not even the "BY SIRO" text!

this picture is with mp_decals 0, using cs_office as an example of what i want:

so ultimately, i want to write a text somewhere that everybody can read and hopefuly, is easy to create. i have the cs office wad file loaded, but i dont find this picture / text (i may overlooked it). i want the same. :(
2009 Sep 23 at 12:04 PDT
inside of eachother, or above? then they should drop down, right?
that is something i wasnt able to think off, ofc i dont know how the "performance" will be with that method.
well thx for that idea, i'll give it a try. :)

yes, 400 grens are alot, i haven't figured out the perfect number, but with armoury entity count each round, that shouldnt have to be a problem. with "lots" of armoury entity, it could be. i'll see.

in the end, i dont know how many i need, but better more than less. just at some points, enough to get this match going til the last one "dies". especially in 1on1's, when one guy is more into dodging than fighting, it's very tough to even hit him. trust me, i know this. ;)
and i dont know how i can make they re-appear if there is no he gren left.
2009 Sep 23 at 11:46 PDT
leif92 said:
Can't you just put out 40 of them in the Valve hammer, just stack them up? Dunno if its gonna make lag

well that would make every new round "only" 40 grens, instead of 400. besides, it would kill the gameplay, the grens all over the place, no matter where you are, you get one.

i need a trigger or whatever (i lack knowledge and experience, just started last week) to put armoury entity each round again like it's the first round. like i posted at the beginning, there is this page:
but i can't give the armoury entity a name (it's not possible or i can't find it)
otherwise, it could be that? i dont know. :(
2009 Sep 23 at 11:19 PDT
thx for your quick reply.

1. i think we have a misunderstanding here, probably my fault for not being specific enough. here is my example:
i put 10 armoury_entity, all he gren with count of 40 on the map in different positions.
in the first round, i get 400, or to be more specific, you see 10, but when you take one and throw it, another one will appear at same positions til you took 40 from the same spot.

now my problem: this works well in the first round, but starting from the second round, instead of having 40 on each spots, i only get 1. you see my problem? i want to have every round the same amount (count), not just the first one.

2. i'm pretty sure i have decals.wad thx to steam, and i loaded the decals.wad into hammer (otherwise i cant use it in hammer, right?).
so i don't understand, why it, when i use it in hammer and safe it. i can see it in the hammer editor, but not when playing ingame (with spec mode, going into that room where the decals are).

so how can i make this room with my text on it? as i posted in my original post, i'd love to have something like that .jpg showes.
2009 Sep 22 at 14:54 PDT

i started with a different tutorial (i think it was a little bit outdated) til i found this page. now i made a playable map but i've lack the knowledge how to "finish" it so i'm 100% happy.

1. problem. i'd like to have each round about 40 he gren's on the ground, always same positions. according to a page, it says, the count on armoury entity is only for the first round. so next round, i get only 1 instead of 40.

how can i make, each round, same positions, xx amount of grens?
i tried this here: http://www.countermap2.com/Tutorials/tutorial8803.html?id=7
but i can not "change" (i can't give it a name at all, or i just dont find it) the armoury entity.

2. problem. i'd like to have somewhere a little box (outside of the gamefield) where i write that i made this map. :D
similiar to this:
just without pictures, just some little writting.

the box outside the field, i was able to do that (more or less). but some problems happened like:
- i tried to use apply decals and they do not show up in spec mode, but on the valve hammer, they do.

how can i, without using costum .wad files, do that? i don't want the people to download a new wad just for a simple map, the .bsp (and maybe .txt file) is more than enough. i'd like to keep it simple.

things you may should know: i use / load those .wad files:
cs_office.wad, cstrike.wad, decals.wad, prodigy.wad and
halflife.wad, i had to download from a page, the others, a friend extracted those out of the .gcf (or so file with a tool that didn't work on my pc).
i need halflife.wad for glasstextures.