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Recent posts by juicebox

Recent posts by juicebox

2009 Feb 15 at 14:42 PST
yeah ive never used them either :P.

i recompiled at least 4 times, without the player_equip, and the other times without medkits. :S
2009 Feb 15 at 09:48 PST
I keep getting this. The map is compiled, and when it loads i can look around before i choose a team. As soon as i choose a team, it quits the map and says in the console:

Host_Error: PF_precache_model_I: 'models/w_medkit.mdl' Precache can only be done in spawn function

this might have been from puting medkits in the player_equip, but i removed the medkit part and still wont work

any ideas?
2009 Feb 4 at 13:08 PST
Post-compiling error in Hammer Mapping
oh the compile went fine, im thinking the problem was vista, because my computer has plenty of power. :S
2009 Feb 1 at 13:06 PST
Post-compiling error in Hammer Mapping
Took out the ambient_generic, and it loads only thru opening it within the game.
2009 Feb 1 at 13:01 PST
Post-compiling error in Hammer Mapping
I think so, i converted an mp3 to .wav

taking out the music now to see if it works
2009 Feb 1 at 08:27 PST
Post-compiling error in Hammer Mapping
I made a really simple map with all the required entities. the compile went smoothly, but when i try to run with the console, i get "available memory less than 15mb!! -1" and if i run through cs it stalls on Verifying resources...

the console for cs said "error: server failed to transmit file 'sound/C'"

maybe because of the music or something i put in it?
2009 Feb 1 at 08:12 PST
Forgot how to add music :D in Hammer Mapping

2009 Feb 1 at 08:02 PST
Forgot how to add music :D in Hammer Mapping
Havnt mapped or been on this forum in ages. Just installed hammer on my new comp, and cant remeber how to add music to this rave party map im making

i thought it was like env_sound but in properties i only get Radius and Room type.