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Recent posts by Kelli

2014 Aug 24 at 22:22 PDT
Yes, I guess you'd better. And ideally 4-6 AM your time so I have something to watch when I get home from work.
2014 May 9 at 11:46 PDT
Dream Time in General
After several nights of poor sleep in a row (Taksim Square in Istanbul was noisy, and Jerusalem had an amazing bar that kept me out way too late) I've finally started sleeping well now that I'm in Tel Aviv. At least until I had the following dream --

Access to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is strictly limited for non-Muslims, with only one possible entryway available during specific hours of the day. I had just missed the day's window, and was pouting outside the gate when Alex showed up with a sandwich in hand. I started relaying my disappointment to him, when he walked right past me and started conversing with the guard at the gate. Before even a minute had passed, he was excitedly offering his untouched sandwich to the guard, who stated that he couldn't accept the sandwich if it was pork, as he was a devout Muslim. Alex assured him that it was not pork, then quietly pulled out his cell phone and started filming as the man took his first bite.

The guard quickly realized his mistake, threw the juicy pork sandwich to the ground and came charging at Alex -- who was laughing by this point -- and only after several other guards held their partner back, and many profuse apologies on our part, did we manage to get away. I was livid, but we'd managed to escape any serious harm, so I told Alex to consider himself lucky and we went our separate ways.

Despite the near-miss, Alex proceeded to upload the video he'd taken once he was back at his computer the next day, and international outrage over American interference at one of Islam's holiest sites quickly plunged the entire region into war. I realized I'd probably never be able to visit the site in my lifetime, and woke up from the dream out of pure despair.

2014 Mar 20 at 11:22 PDT
NatureJay said:
Hotboxing a cat.

Thank you for doing your part to address the concerning lack of hotboxing cards in the game so far.
2013 May 17 at 08:44 PDT
gifs. in Video Recommend!
Down Rodeo said:
I am ever so slightly disappointed that that GIF doesn't show just a little bit more, you know?

I don't think I'd be able to handle even another second.
2013 May 16 at 17:30 PDT
gifs. in Video Recommend!
2013 Mar 25 at 22:08 PDT
Sick vid
2013 Mar 21 at 21:14 PDT
Game Soundtracks! in Vidja Games
Sick vid

I almost bought Dustforce after first listening to this song. I then found out this track was only in the demo. I will now never buy Dustforce.
2013 Jan 14 at 20:59 PST
Mobile Version? in General
L-i-t-t-l-e m-o-n-e-y...
2013 Jan 14 at 10:25 PST
Mobile Version? in General
Oh wait, was this thread not about the PSP version of Tactics Ogre??
2013 Jan 13 at 22:45 PST
Mobile Version? in General
I am not only proud, but I think you've finally attained cochise by not playing that awful game two days in a row.

I can't attain cochise because Thunder God Maiden Arycelle (Aloser) won't stop diving in front of every Finishing Move being carried out on the battlefield at the beginning of Chapter 2. The only person I loathe more than her right now is myself for trying to keep her alive so I can recruit her later.