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2010 Sep 22 at 20:04 PDT
h4x in if( while ) switch{ coding } ++
aaronjer said:
Rockbomb said:
C'mon... honestly I'm not offended that you banned me, but please change my status... I do not cheat at video games.

I'm not ever going to believe you don't hack. No rational person would ever believe you don't hack. Whoever gave you that title apparently is also rational.

aaronjer said:
Given that the only rule on this forum is don't piss off the admins it should be easy to avoid getting summarily banned. Hacks and child porn are pretty much the only thing that will piss us off. It's really easy to avoid pissing us off.

You had 29 hours to stop talking about hacks and thereby avoid pissing off the admins. You even posted a link to hacking related material (which I probably should have banned you for on the spot). Seriously. Just shut the fuck up about hacks. Do not post things about hacks other than that you hate them. Also do not post pictures of a 9-year old boy having sex with a dog on top of a Lamborghini. That would also get you banned.

Well, I wasn't planning on using this alt account to post, since I know it will just piss you off more, but I'm banned already anyway so what hell, might as well use it to throw my opinion out there...

As for your comment on nobody believing that I don't hack, why don't you ask around a little before making a comment like that. I play cs with Sprinkles and Havok on a regular basis on AOG's servers, and I've played with a few other members on here at Sprinkle's beta testings... they can all attest that I don't use any hacks.

And, as for my continuation of talking about hacks, you continued talking about them as well, and I was merely responding to your(and other's) posts... if you wanted the conversation to end, why did you carry it on?
And the link I posted? Did you even look at it? It was about how aimbots use trigonometry and other math skills to calculate where other players are in location to yourself. Yes, its about hacking, but it was actually very interesting and was not anything anybody could just download and use, or even really promote the use of any hacks.

So, I'm guessing this account will be promptly banned as well, but seriously... please change my title. At least ask around to the people who have played with me (or hell, why not play with me yourself?).
2010 May 12 at 15:25 PDT
Rockbomb said:
sprinkles said:
Actually I have Ubuntu Server 9.10, which has a nifty install LAMP button.

How long did it take you to make the forums?

OVER 9000!

WHAT 9000?!
2010 Mar 29 at 18:59 PDT
Doors in Hammer Mapping
Whats 3 feet tall and has 1000 arms and legs?
A Haitian hotel.
2010 Mar 29 at 17:52 PDT
Doors in Hammer Mapping
403 Forbidden said:
the_cloud_system said:

Thank you. I learned it all.

Maybe if you weren't such a noob, you woulda read that before making a nooby post like this.
2010 Mar 29 at 17:45 PDT
Doors in Hammer Mapping
Wow, what a noob...