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Recent posts by Moosh

2010 Jul 6 at 10:11 PDT
Adding sprites in Hammer Mapping
Hi,how do I add sprites into my map? Those are commonly used for teleporters and whatnot.

Edit: I looked it up quickly on snark pit expecting to find zero results,so I did. But then I found another tutorial which had all the info I needed . Basically what I did was I made a env_glow entity and then just picked my sprite from the hl1/sprites directory. Simple,but still worth of a thread!
2010 Jun 30 at 07:35 PDT
Hey, I have a garage and two buttons. Basically what I want is that when two players press the buttons at the same then it would open the door. Hoes I do this?

I know how to make simple doors though! I'm no noobie.
2010 Jun 19 at 13:37 PDT
Dude I know this problem. I've had it before. It has something to do with aaatrigger. Like if you're using zhlt.wad and some other wad,they both include aaatrigger. So you gotta replace one trigger with another and it will compile properly.
2010 Jun 6 at 06:23 PDT
Finding an error in Hammer Mapping
Just fixed this by manually finding the position with my mouse. Turned out my aaatrigger was causing the error. Weird stuff .
2010 Jun 6 at 05:32 PDT
Finding an error in Hammer Mapping
Just checked for problems,nothing found. Another weird thing is that none of the textures in my map appear stretched.
2010 Jun 6 at 05:20 PDT
Finding an error in Hammer Mapping
Hi. When I compile my map everything is fine. But when I try loading it in counter-strike it gives me a bad surface extents error. Simple enough to fix, but I have no idea what to do with the three coordinates that the error box is giving me.

My error: Bad surface extents 16/1136 at position (-510,32,176).

Yeah so I gotta go to that position,but how do I do that?

When I go to Map>Go to brush number it gives me two boxes.

Entity Number


Brush Number