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AJ broke all the Magnums.

Recent posts by Mrs.aaronjer

Recent posts by Mrs.aaronjer

2009 Mar 5 at 16:46 PST
Chat title in General
Thats Mrs.aaronjer to you! *slap*
2008 Dec 13 at 22:10 PST
aaronjer said:
DaveDays said:
....can i have a title?

For you, my love, anything.

WHAT!?Your cheating on me!???YOU FUCKING CUNT!!

*jumps on Davedays and slap/scratch fights him in the mud*
2008 Dec 11 at 13:29 PST
Baby! in General
jrkookid said:
i can only imagine:

1. AaronJer dresses up
2. AaronJer forgets his keys
3. AJ runs back to get them
4. You two go out on anniversary
5. Ms.AJ "NAGS"
6. AJ be like "What the hell is she talking about? "
7. AJ magically gets horny
8. The dinner ends
9. The two of you go back to the house
10. AJ comforts Ms.AJ
11. AJ convinces Ms.AJ to get drunk together
12. The couple watches some porn from Soft ---------------------------> Hardcore
13. Turns off lights
14. Making Love

Good Job AaronJer!

and shut up rodeo i dont want to hear you nag about my grammar and/or english

Oh stop.Your making me horny just the thoughts of something AJ would never do for me.

2008 Dec 10 at 17:25 PST
Baby! in General
If you don't forget ill give you a special present *wink*
2008 Dec 10 at 14:41 PST
Baby! in General
Out anniversary is tomorrow!You better not forget like last time...
2008 Dec 3 at 18:15 PST
Hello in General
jrkookid said:
you get more horny by the second dont u?

Unfortunately your right Naturejay....
2008 Dec 2 at 13:09 PST
Hello in General
Its biker goggles.I'm not wearing them at the moment.When i am wearing them, you would usually see my pretty ass on a motorbike driving away from losers like you!
2008 Nov 30 at 10:49 PST
Hello in General
No, that's Jessica.I'm the other one.
2008 Nov 29 at 20:07 PST
Hello in General
aaronjer said:
There must be some confusion, I've been separated for years. My wife died in a tragic dresser relocation mishap.

But im back baby!
2008 Nov 29 at 02:20 PST
Blowjob Olympics in General
Me and AJ would have won!