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Recent posts by nigninja

2006 Dec 3 at 19:00 PST
"jacksmoke234" said:
The wad file goes in the main cstrike folder.

i did but it did not workk
2006 Dec 3 at 15:59 PST
ok i made a wad file using wally. and got it to work on my hammer editor

i maded the .bsp using the batch file.

but when i go to play it i cant becasue i dont have the wad file in the right place. it say warning counld not open "mywad.wad" so it kick me off.

next i added it to my sever i added my map under the map folder and the other on under cstrike folder on my sever. but it still will not work.

so my Q is were do i put the wad file on my comp and on my sever
2006 Dec 1 at 09:18 PST
elevator help in Hammer Mapping
ok i found my answer

You need to set the Lip to the correct number to get it to move where you want.

If the Lip is 10 then the door will move until it intersects with its old position by 10 units.

If you set Lip to zero, the door will move exactly one of itself.

If you Lip to 600 then the door will move until there are 600 units between itself and its old position.

For an elevator, you might want to use a func_train. It has more options than func_door but is harder to use.
2006 Dec 1 at 09:13 PST
elevator help in Hammer Mapping
ok i know that but i want/need a elavator so in stead of u tell me not to do it u can help me with it or dont stay any thing but thanx for the func_train and i work with that but i hate it when ppl tell me i cant do stuff
2006 Nov 30 at 20:53 PST
elevator help in Hammer Mapping
OK i made a elevator i made the elevator its self a door func and angle up. then i named it "e" for elevator. then i made a botten and make that a func button and i made the target e. know the only thing is the botten moves lol and the elevator goes up but i does not go to the next floor. it only goes half way.

go to here to watch my video map help understand me
2006 Nov 30 at 20:12 PST
De_Not sure O.o in Hammer Mapping
yo man keep working on it
2006 Nov 29 at 09:27 PST
plez help
2006 Nov 29 at 09:26 PST
I am having a problem and idk y i used to beable to make doors open. but know when i went to use the green bruse with the "o" in it and make it a fanc_rotating door. but yet it still does not work i go to make the .bsp but i can because i get a err that say at lest one clip or oringanl needs to be visable. but yet the one i made is visable. i cant figure it out. aslo there any way to make a door open one way but it will not open if u try to go tho. like say u walk in to a room though the door. but u walk in to the wroung room. so u go to turn around and go back though the door. but u cant because it will not open. is there any way to do that? thanx
2006 Nov 28 at 13:49 PST
how do i make that file that comes up when u picking ur teams
2006 Nov 27 at 09:33 PST
ok well little kid u got the batch wroung it need to have "what ever wad name.wad" for it to work.