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Recent posts by Ninjabojk

2010 Jan 17 at 04:41 PST
I'm making map for css tho, and it looks like thats the prob...
Does wally only support half life 1 texturing?
2010 Jan 17 at 04:30 PST
the_cloud_system said:
get wally and upload a picture with your name on it, oh and read the faq's b4 a post

eDan Co. said:
Q: How do I make my own textures?

You'll need to download and install program called Wally.

1. Make a .bmp of what you want you texture to be.
(The texture size needs to be multiplications of 16. Examples: 16x16 pixels, 32x16 pixels, 96x96 pixels, 80x64 pixels... and so on...)

2. Open Wally and go to File->New.

3. A window titled 'Create New Texture' will open. You can set only one thing in that window- 'Type'. Set the 'Type' to Half-Life Package [wad3] (.wad)

4. Drag and drop the .bmp you made on to your New Texture in wally. You can add as many textures as you want to your .wad file.

5. Save your file in you Counter-Strike directory.

6. Load the texture in Hammer. (Tools-> Options-> Textures-> ADD WAD.)

I can't get this to work.
I do everything as it say here, but in hammer the text do not show... anyone got and ideas what i could be?
2010 Jan 17 at 03:33 PST
expert.fgd in Hammer Mapping
To install the expert.fgd I need to locate the Hammer/fgd/counter-strike folder. But I'm having problems finding it(i got it installed with sourcesdk on steam)?
2010 Jan 17 at 03:21 PST
Was wondering, if i want the player to be given a weapon when i walks in a tele how can i fix it?

Really hopes this thread isn't dead:D