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Im taking grammar lessons , so i can explain my problems better :D

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Recent posts by Pe$T_C0nTr0L

2008 Aug 31 at 00:42 PDT
crazy player spawns in Hammer Mapping
the error still comes up

(Click for image) 32 payers

(Click for image) 32 players

(Click for image) 14 players

almost all of the team dies at the round start

and i know how it looks like NO they are NOT connecting with any brush they die at random. some times they spawn on top of eachother. as if there where 10 player spawns in the same place (there aren't, only 1 player spawn in 1 place , im not a total noob so don't treat me like one)
2008 Aug 26 at 03:07 PDT
crazy player spawns in Hammer Mapping
i have a little problem, its a big problem actually
when there are more then 7 players on each team something happens with the spawn points, players at the start of the round spawn dead
and when there are a lot of players, like 20+ then something very strange happens. players spawn on top of each other-- all dead -- and there are about 40 to 50 dead bodies on the ground

i checked my spawn points, i deleted them all, remade them but still the problem persists
my player spawns are of the ground , and thy are another player start away from eachother, there not to close to any brush or weapon .. the dead spawning thing seems to be totally random i cant see any system in it random players spawn dead at random spawn points
i don't have any clue how to fix it
2008 Aug 17 at 04:56 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
OK i fixed my problem
i kind of cheated to make that distortion disappear , i only have a light_environment in my map, i realized that the "black spot" is a shadow put there by error of the compilers . so i went in my light_environment's properties and set the "shadow" properties .. color to white and the last number -- i think its the brightness -
to 800 and then the shadow disappeared , of course there are no shadows in my map now .
i didn't have to much shadows anyway , because the light is coming from 90 degrees so everything is solved
2008 Aug 17 at 02:02 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
yes but light won't help it .. its like the texture its self is darkened about 5-6 shades
cause the other identical part is just fine .. i ill try deleting it and remaking it .. maybe move the textures .. an hopefully it will be ok
2008 Aug 17 at 01:45 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
can anyone help me .. any ideas what can fix it ?? i will try anything
2008 Aug 16 at 10:01 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
Yes it does
2008 Aug 16 at 09:39 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
NOO ! i have a light_environment and a skybrush just a few meters from it. but there is an identical part of the map on the other side of my map and its just fine , as shown on the second picture
and it wasn't like that before

any ideas ?
2008 Aug 16 at 05:15 PDT
WHY ?? in Hammer Mapping
i complied my map .. i was almost done then i saw this in the game

this is the only part that has this strange tone change
there is an identical part on the other side and it looks normal

pls if any knows why this happened the help me fix it
2008 Aug 15 at 01:43 PDT
so i made a transparent texture with wally . it works just fine. but i have this 1 problem. i applyed the texture to box shaped thing from the outside it looks good .. but when you look closer its really strange .. because from some perspectives its stransparent in places it shouldn't be
i can't really explain it . i will uplode pictures when i get home i just don't know how to construct the brush to make it look good
2008 Aug 15 at 01:36 PDT
Help me out in Vidja Games
for cs 1.6
but i allready found out how to do it
all you have to do is download the image files , there are 3 files "skin" "finger" and "glove"
and then open up Hlmv and load the weapons .mdl file, it needs to be the v_weaponname.mdl
then just go to the "textures" tab and select the glove textures then use the "import" button to replace all of the 3 textures, save it and you have a new glove to your weapon. this has to be done with every single weapon separatly
first tutorial i wrote