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Recent posts by Redrick

2006 Jan 10 at 12:20 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
Here in America, we have what are called "pimps".
These pimps own all the prostitutes, or "hoes" in the area. These "pimps" usually drive purple Cadilacs, according to popular TV shows and Movies.
Hence, a purple car would be called a "pimpmobile"

Sort of like the Popemobile.

Thx, really great explanation.

In fact, I'm not a Russian, I'm Ukrainian )) But Americans call all of us Russians mm, never mind. we call all the inhabitant of the Western countries "bourgeois", it is a sort of irony, of course.
I played too many RTS games.

Battlecruiser reporting! Kirov online!
2006 Jan 7 at 16:58 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
Oh, and i forgot to say 'bout our time difference... I'm in GMT+2...
2006 Jan 7 at 16:10 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
it would be great if you'll send me elements containing text so i can translate it and change their sizes... oh, and what's the meaning of "pimpmobile" :) :) - i'm not joking..

it would be great to talk 'bout it with superjer by ICQ (my UIN=192834726)
2006 Jan 7 at 16:03 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
Ok, ppl, so what about English TEXT? I dont even know if you have Cyrillic fonts...
2006 Jan 5 at 12:46 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
I Hate u!!!


I hope it's just a sort of offtopic, not a flame. Moderators, where are you?
2006 Jan 4 at 12:05 PST
McDuddy in Russian in Other Help
This cartoons really impressed me and IMHO it is one of the funniest flash-based movies. So, I decided to ask the creator of all this stuff (superjer) to share me sources of it or (if he won't) just wav's, so I can translate everything into my native Russian (more precisely, i live in Kiev and my "really" native language is Ukrainian, but almost everybody here speaks Rus.).

In other words, I just want to show this creation to the russian-speaking community ))