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Recent posts by Sgt.Fr3ak_boiz

Recent posts by Sgt.Fr3ak_boiz

2009 Dec 7 at 04:58 PST
Oh my! in General
i found my account back :O!!!!!!! Hi everyone... its been 2-3 years since i was here... :O!
2007 Oct 25 at 07:42 PDT
Basicly Source and half life mapping is almost the same anyway nice Tuts
2007 Jun 17 at 05:05 PDT
Ladder in Hammer Mapping
"Doom" said:
why when i add ladder and press alt + enter and chose ladder, save compile and run it, the ladder is invisible

How can you add a ladder?You can only make one.If so most probably your ladder texture are group with the func_ladder entity.This makes your ladder disappear since func_ladder is invisible.Create an aaatriger for the entity and a ladder texture for func_walls set it to 255.
2007 Jun 16 at 02:46 PDT
Cant read map in Hammer Mapping
Yeah is easier to compile through hammer i use to use the non-steam version of cs but i since bought a css and now played steam..
2007 Jun 15 at 19:32 PDT
"superjer" said:
Two ways:

hlcsg -wadinclude yourwad yourmap


hlcsg -nowadtextures yourmap
this wadincludes ALL your wads

Thx got it!
2007 Jun 15 at 05:43 PDT
Server crash! in Hammer Mapping
Texture problem?What kind of texture problem?Missing wad files?
2007 Jun 15 at 05:33 PDT
Partitions in Vidja Games
"melloyellow582" said:
So i installed ubuntu about 6 months ago (woot) and i have been trying to figure out how to make it stop automatically starting up whenever I start up my computer, instead of having to wait around and arrow down to XP.
I love ubuntu, but I unfortunatly dont use it as much as Xp. so anyone, do you know how to set it up for XP to be the default partition?


What's ubuntu?a kind of software???
2007 Jun 15 at 05:31 PDT
Hi jer long time im offline to busy to get to interact.I was just wondering how in the world a mapper can have their own credits or textures without even needed to make a wad file or need to download the wads to play cs?
Im getting irritated when people complain that the downloads take a long time especially when the wad files are big.I saw a lot of maps can have their own textures BUT no wad files needed..
2007 Jun 15 at 05:24 PDT
Cant read map in Hammer Mapping
"superjer" said:
Where is hlcsg? CSG has to be run first, before BSP.

What are you using to run the compile?

Yeah i guess his missing one of his compiling stuff must be untick tick it back...
2007 Jan 28 at 18:47 PST
Water in Hammer Mapping
A func_conveyor
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