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Recent posts by Shuaib95

Recent posts by Shuaib95

2010 May 31 at 05:05 PDT
I was wondering what should I do to write on a wall in cs ? I know that I had to make a wad file with wally with the letters needed but of which size should my blocks be so that there is no confusion?
2010 May 29 at 05:06 PDT
Killer-Duck said:
Seems like a dodgy prefab, don't use it.

Why even use a table-prefab anyway!? How hard could it be to build a table yourself? It's just a flat surface supported by a few legs...

the prefab was actually a super-well datailed table with at least some 35 solids in it .......
2010 May 29 at 05:06 PDT
superjer said:
It's not necessarily the prefab's fault nor yours. Hammer is rife with bugs. There's no reason it should ever let you create infinite-sized brushes in the first place.

In my experience you just have to deal with it. Delete and rebuild.

But also try to pamper Hammer a bit and you'll be less likely to run into these bugs. Don't create extra-huge or strangely-shaped brushes. Keep them on the grid. Don't put them anywhere near the edge of the grid if you can avoid it. Make everything out of the simplest, most medium-sized pieces possible.

thx 4 the tip
2010 May 28 at 07:37 PDT
checking in the.rmf file makes no difference . the only thing that is working is deleting the solid and rebuilding it. I have also notice that this error occurs often when I have resized the solid.
2010 May 27 at 08:54 PDT
I don't really know because actually it was a prefab that I downloaded ......
2010 May 27 at 06:42 PDT
I check it solid by solids and I found out by that the malfunctioning solid was a table ... dunno why though ????
2010 May 27 at 06:12 PDT
It says that there are no errors ......... Should I delete brush by brush to know what is wrong ???
2010 May 27 at 03:19 PDT
Just take a look at the pictures !!!!!!!!

This is before I converted it to .map ...........

This is after I converted it to .map ...........

Why are so many objects missing and why do I have such a huge ground floor ....... Is this a problem in my map/textures/software ???

Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S ... i tried re-installing hammer .....