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2011 Sep 9 at 09:30 PDT
Making Models in Hammer Mapping
I found out a light software for modelling, it goes by the name gmax or max

Heres the tutorial Link

The gmax link at this site is broken, so just type gmax at google

there are plenty of easy and understandable tutorials of gmax which can be downloaded from its official site
2011 Aug 30 at 09:44 PDT
Making Models in Hammer Mapping
What if i use the hostage model from cs ?, is there a more easy program than the ones stated above ?

Is it possible that i may use just use the appearances of the hostage model and change its animation
2011 Aug 29 at 12:46 PDT
Making Models in Hammer Mapping
I'm trying to make a map with a person tied to an electricity Poll, And when the player pushes a button, The person dies out of an electricity shock,

Since hammer wouldn't be able to make this itself, i'm thinking of making a model for it

I'm new to Valve Hammer, and I know nothing about creating models,

so can anyone help with what programs to choose ?

I've gone through some posts here, and different users post different programs. Can anyone suggest a program perfect for making this model ? so i dont have to learn more than 1

2011 Aug 28 at 05:28 PDT
Ive gone through the links, theyve got amazing prefabs

Thanks for replying sin and sprinkles, this forum makes making map easier than i thought
2011 Aug 27 at 15:40 PDT
1.Does anyone have download links for prefabs of stairs, stair ceilings tanks, cars, computers, toilet seats, shelves etc.

2.I saw a tutorial of valve hammer sdk, the tutor added models for the ceilings of the stairs. My question is for Cs 1.6. While making it's maps whats better to add prefabs or models ? (will the models make the map lag, will it be compiled with map or have to linked with its directory ?(like the sound files)

2011 Aug 26 at 10:01 PDT
Thank you very much Superjer, you really helped through.
2011 Aug 24 at 05:59 PDT

Im new to Valve hammer editor, need some help with it

I've made some simple maps and still i'm not sure to make objects like table, lamps etc to the size which might look realistic, The valve hammer editor lets us resize the object to every grid in it.

Im trying to make a coffee table with a lamp on it, ive made the table with 1 X 1 X 1 grid, but thats still big for a table. Is there a way i could resize it and make it smaller ?