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Recent posts by sin

Recent posts by sin

2012 Aug 10 at 11:05 PDT
Map Size in Hammer Mapping
-.-, I want it to remain as BSP so people can download it when they join the server.
2012 Aug 10 at 10:51 PDT
Map Size in Hammer Mapping
made 3 maps, all 8-9mbs.

How do you reduce the map size?
2012 Aug 10 at 04:34 PDT
Units in Hammer Mapping
I didn't fully understand but this is how you measure the units in the map:

Just look at the red circle area i highlighted, It Shows the measurements.
2012 Aug 5 at 04:34 PDT
Need Help in Hammer Mapping
Anything purely blue in a { Texture, turns invisible when you tie it to a func_wall entity with solid render mode and 255 render amount.

Invisible: Make a '{blue' textured brush, Tie it to entity (Ctrl + T) make it func_wall, Render mode Solid, render amount 255.

ladder: Tie it to func_wall with render mode: solid and amount: 255

Half invisible like glass: Make a brush, tie it to a func_wall entity set render mode: Texture, Amount: (depending on how visible u want it) 150 is fine.

2012 Jul 29 at 14:18 PDT
My Map LAGS :$ in Hammer Mapping
go to map > load pointfile
go to the compiling folder open YOURMAPNAME.lin
Track the pink-reddish line and close any hole leading to the outside.
2012 Jul 27 at 22:54 PDT
My Map LAGS :$ in Hammer Mapping
Error: No lights!

Put in some lights, as a point-entity. light_environment if you have sky brushes or just 'light' .
2012 Jul 27 at 10:57 PDT
My Map LAGS :$ in Hammer Mapping
post compile logs whenever you're making a post for help, so post one
2012 Jul 27 at 00:11 PDT
My Map LAGS :$ in Hammer Mapping
Make sure there is no leak.
post the compile log.
Dont put the spawn point outside the actual map.
2012 Jul 27 at 00:10 PDT
Map Lagging Again... : ( in Hammer Mapping
I didn't download yet but check the basics:

1-) Is there a leak?
2-) Did you import a prefab entity, Like func_pushable?
3-) Are there tons of entities in one big area?
4-) Post your compile log.
2012 Jul 17 at 06:59 PDT
Really weird thing. in Hammer Mapping
No leak.

I've fixed it, I made 7 wooden bridges that contain about 15 vertex made 'wooden' pieces and 30 vertex made 'rope' pieces, and they're really small. Removed those and it compiled in less of an hour.