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Recent posts by Snuck

Recent posts by Snuck

2008 Nov 2 at 08:19 PST
infinate hp + timer in Hammer Mapping
you could try make a prefab of it
2008 Nov 2 at 06:21 PST
Xbox Live Game in Vidja Games
Down Rodeo said:
CoD5 annoys me for the fact that they are not willing to try anything other than WWII. Bloody Treyarch.

Well i havent alot of the pacific before in any game, so that makes up for it, also, zombie mode, coop, and flamethrowers etc are pretty awesome too.

I'd give treyarch a chance
2008 Nov 2 at 03:46 PST
t or ct? in Vidja Games
Mr. Auto Assign

Otherwise, T
2008 Nov 2 at 03:41 PST
Xbox Live Game in Vidja Games

dont got alot of games yet, waiting for Cod w@w
2008 Oct 25 at 19:14 PDT
some very noobish questions in Hammer Mapping
SRAW said:
and mate de vate since i hate ur signature and ur avatar, and if u dont change it soon, something bad will happen to u

whats wrong with it then
2008 Oct 25 at 11:22 PDT
sum1 help...... in Hammer Mapping
the CLIP brush should NOT be tied to an entity and must be textured with CLIP on ALL SIDES
the FUNC_ILLUSIONARY brush must be set to SOLID and 255 FX

right click the aaatrigger brush, tie to entity, select func_ladder from drop down menu, make sure the purple/aaatrigger brush is in front of the CLIP and the FUNC_ILLUSIONARY brushes, all sides of the brush must be textured with AAATRIGGER

2008 Oct 19 at 16:40 PDT
Fps problem... in Hammer Mapping
are you making alot of complex brushes in your maps? if so, try making your brushes more simple, the half life engine is old and cant take to much complex stuff

2008 Oct 19 at 16:38 PDT
water/lights in Hammer Mapping
i always make my func_water addative and it always seems glowing, maybe it wont light up on solid?

otherwise, you could try using a very dark water texture, or texture the floor below the water black
2008 Oct 18 at 12:07 PDT
Killer-Duck said:
Snuck said:

Edit; it works now

Please write out how you did to make it work so other people with the same problem can find the answer in this thread.

Changed -applaunch to 70 and writed -game svencoop behind it
2008 Oct 18 at 08:21 PDT

Change "-applaunch 10" into -applaunch 70