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Recent posts by StaticVision

2006 Jul 29 at 14:11 PDT
Ive been trying to make a nightime map, But if i use an light_enviroment It lights the whole map up, And if i dont use an light_enviroment, You cant see anything, I see flags like Dark or something but they dont actually work for me.

Sky Cycle
Gotta go to work ill explain this later
2006 Jul 29 at 14:09 PDT
Vehicles, How To? in Hammer Mapping
2006 Jul 29 at 14:06 PDT
zhlt.wad in Hammer Mapping
They are the same exact thing just a different look, For example, And aaa_trigger sign for me looks like a bunch of HL symbols, And for another person depending on which texture Hammer decides to use appears as T for trigger, SO dont worry about how they look they have the SAME exact effect.
2006 Jul 25 at 12:29 PDT
need help with mapname.bat in Hammer Mapping
This happens when you dont even configure it for your map, Right click on <mapname>.bat and click EDIT. This should open a text document. Copy and paste this into it:

With Steam
[code:1]@echo off
hlcsg <mapname>
hlbsp <mapname>
hlvis <mapname>
hlrad <mapname>
copy <mapname>.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<STEAM ACCOUNT>\counter strike\cstrike\maps"[/code:1]

Be sure to fill in <mapname> with the name of your .map file, And <STEAM ACCOUNT> with the name of your account.
2006 Jul 25 at 08:38 PDT
de_mcdiddys in Hammer Mapping
I was gonna ask SuperJer if I could do that, But I suck at map making and i dont know all of the textures for McDiddys although they look like they were made with paint
2006 Jul 25 at 08:36 PDT
Vehicles, How To? in Hammer Mapping
Im trying to make a map with vehicles like in air_fight maps (if you have ever heard of them). Anyways, I made a flat brush and transformed it into a func_vehicle Then i made a brush and put it on the func_vehicle and transformed it into a func_vehicle_controls, I named the vehicle and targeted it with the func_vehicle_controls, So I go into my map to test if it works, And when I use the vehicle it starts and disappears.

And another question.

Im using cstrike.wad and halflife.wad and 12 other CZ wads, And yet i cant find see through glass. Do I have to do something to make it see through? I have a lot of glass textures glass_bright glass_med, That sort of thing but again none are see through like the truck in cs_assault has see through glass.
2006 Jul 25 at 08:03 PDT
Idea for Weapon-Stripping in Hammer Mapping
Well I have 5 maps the one with the "Shotgun Hole" is just one of the ones that has this problem, BTW the weaponstripping, and player_equips are all triggered by func_buttons with "Touch Activates" flags. So there is really no way to help this problem im guessing.
2006 Jul 25 at 08:00 PDT
Wad files in Hammer Mapping
Its a gameserver. But anyways, Thanks. Im just going to rename my textures to match the ones in materials.txt
2006 Jul 25 at 07:58 PDT
...? Error Compiling in Hammer Mapping
Ever since ive gotten that problem it says ALL of my entities have NO volume and have the AAA_TRIGGER texture.
2006 Jul 24 at 17:52 PDT
...? Error Compiling in Hammer Mapping
----- BEGIN hlbsp -----
Command line: hlbsp de_warehouse_b1

Current hlbsp Settings
Name | Setting | Default
threads [ 1 ] [ Varies ]
verbose [ off ] [ off ]
log [ on ] [ on ]
developer [ 0 ] [ 0 ]
chart [ off ] [ off ]
estimate [ off ] [ off ]
max texture memory [ 4194304 ] [ 4194304 ]
priority [ Normal ] [ Normal ]

noclip [ off ] [ off ]
nofill [ off ] [ off ]
null tex. stripping [ on ] [ on ]
notjunc [ off ] [ off ]
subdivide size [ 240 ] [ 240 ] (Min 64) (Max 512)
max node size [ 1024 ] [ 1024 ] (Min 64) (Max 4096)

BSP generation successful, writing portal file 'de_warehouse_b1.prt'
Error: RankForContents: bad contents -8

----- END hlbsp -----

-Ive figured out the problem but something much worse is happening now.

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 1: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 1: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -128, 208), texture AAATRIGGER

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 3: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -96, 208), texture AAATRIGGER

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 4: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 4: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -96, 382), texture AAATRIGGER


What is even more odd is that none of these have AAA_TRIGGER texture AND, Entity 32 does not exist.