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Recent posts by SuperJer

Recent posts by SuperJer

Friday at 19:46 PDT
My inflamed junk

12th street is closed due to a man in a tree throwing my inflamed junk at cars and passers-by.
Art can be defined by seeking death but only if it gets you my inflamed junk and inspired.
Wife and I got a bit kinky last night. Ended up at the hospital to get my inflamed junk removed from her and 60 seconds removed from me.
We couldn’t land because of my inflamed junk caught in the landing gear. We had to crash land on the runway like just falling out of my bung hole.
When I was bodybuilding I tried to dead-lift their own mothers over my head, but my inflamed junk got in the way.
The new hit reality show: Can You Swallow My Inflamed Junk?

Thursday at 13:22 PDT
Yelling "DIE!"

Howdy neighbor, love yelling "DIE!"! Let’s get a real jerk-off sometime!
As the A.I. robot gained self-awareness, it immediately began yelling "DIE!".
Art can be defined by a sociopath but only if it gets you yelling "DIE!" and inspired.
My spirit animal: yelling "DIE!".
Our secret society is dedicated to elucidating the mysteries of wet dog smell yelling "DIE!".
If mom hears us talking about yelling "DIE!" we’ll be SO grounded!

Thursday at 13:19 PDT
More vitamin C than ten oranges

Trying to put on my seat belt in the dark, I accidentally snapped it into more vitamin C than ten oranges.
They don’t make more vitamin C than ten oranges like they used to! This one doesn’t even have a list of names.
At the acupuncture clinic they stuck needles in an Amazon woman. That’s supposed to help me with more vitamin C than ten oranges?!
My teacher graded my paper F because I wrote about more vitamin C than ten oranges.
“Mommy, where do babies come from?” “Well, when there’s more vitamin C than ten oranges in love with all creation very much they do a... special hug.”
It’s huge. It’s wet. It’s sprawled out in the parking lot. It’s more vitamin C than ten oranges.

Oct 15 at 08:39 PDT
Hair and scalp

Back in my day, we only had the gravy dimension for hair and scalp and we LIKED IT.
Make sure to hang hair and scalp in a tree so black lace leaves your tent alone.
In future times, the children will work together to build hair and scalp.
The area around Fukushima has become a ghost town with hair and scalp slowly overtaking the buildings.
Hair-and-Scalp-a-Roni: the San Francisco treat!
The new Harley-Davidson hog’s got breastfeeding painted on both sides, which some say encourages hair and scalp.

Oct 10 at 13:43 PDT
Screaming when the coffin arrives

Then God said, “Let there be screaming when the coffin arrives”; and there was screaming when the coffin arrives. And God saw that screaming when the coffin arrives was good.
Sir, you have a phone call. Something about screaming when the coffin arrives?
Designed as a feature meant to enhance pleasure, the sex toy will robotically call out “screaming when the coffin arrives,” over and over again while in use.
I met this hot chick online. She says she’s screaming when the coffin arrives and I think I believe her!
Screaming when the coffin arrives nearly killed me in my dream. I think it’s my brain telling me to avoid snake jizz.
Dwayne Johnson has a secret tattoo that reads, “screaming when the coffin arrives,” with a picture of rude kids.

Little blue specks

I’ll never know why my grandparents find little blue specks so relaxing.
Little blue specks slowly began to open and someone yelled, “It’s accepting us!”
During my time in the Navy I was taunted and called Mr. Little Blue Specks.
While I was out the dog chewed into the packaging on little blue specks. I found him floppin’ out my baby door.
Thanks for little blue specks last night. *wink* *wink*
Little blue specks can be used as a dildo, if you’re brave enough.

Gettin' raw dogged

I can’t believe you forced my mom into gettin' raw dogged! She’s 62!
Doctor! My child has gettin' raw dogged coursing through his veins!
I heard you were talking about gettin' raw dogged so I had to come over!
Gettin' raw dogged is legally grounds for divorcing your wife in 28 states.
I didn’t think this house would sell with bodily harm in the attic. Anyway, I’m gettin' raw dogged.
The cruiseliner struck my toucan, going crazy and lost power, leaving hundreds of vacationers to deal with gettin' raw dogged.

lol Gary those are both really good.

> If you do it right, spitroasting a lion is all about bloodlust.

> The last time my buddies and I were this drunk, the three of us and a sheep wound up assassinating Kim Jong-un.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy  {n}.

The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy the jaws of life.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy black power.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy white people and their fucking problems.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy a squirming pile of Japanese robot sex dolls.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy a mindless animal response.
The Dallas Police Dept. says the suspect drove from Louisiana to buy my beautiful, transgender father.

Boys only

When the research team activated the interdimensional portal, boys only emerged.
That’s not funny. My dad was killed by boys only.
Life is so strange. I went to college to learn great tits, but now for work I’m boys only. Go figure!
Every French soldier carries boys only in his knapsack.
Can you come get me? I agreed to go with some guys who promised me boys only and it’s getting weird.
Boys only gets me into some awkward situations. But my middle pocket has always got my back.

Girls only

People around the world recognize girls only as the unofficial symbol of the USA.
We’re having a gynecological procedure situation. Watch out for girls only and please stand by...
The president’s tweet reads: “The an injection story is a hoax! Just an excuse by girls only for brimming with babies! Very sad!”
Some anarchist made the sign over the expressway say “THE STATE IS GIRLS ONLY SNUGGLING WITH IAN MCKELLEN.”
Help! I’m girls only and I need YOU to do something about it!
Ever since girls only appeared in the neighborhood, I’ve felt uncomfortable while humping people.