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Recent posts by SuperJer

Recent posts by SuperJer

Thursday at 11:27 PDT
Mexican four-cheese

In a world with Coach Diddleplayers being attacked by a skeleton, one man must overcome Mexican four-cheese. Coming this summer.
Mexican four-cheese slowly began to open and someone yelled, “It’s accepting us!”
When I was bodybuilding I tried to dead-lift a sack of otters over my head, but Mexican four-cheese got in the way.
Lot’s of people drive down to Portland for Mexican four-cheese and to avoid biking down the Luxor.
The weirdest thing about Mexican four-cheese is that sometimes even girls have Mexican four-cheese.
In protest, Gandhi swore to abstain from Mexican four-cheese.

Tuesday at 17:03 PDT
 {U}: you get close, you get sucked in.

Putting on pants: you get close, you get sucked in.
Industrial adhesive: you get close, you get sucked in.
Cutting a hole in my pants: you get close, you get sucked in.
Weird legs: you get close, you get sucked in.
A sexual encounter: you get close, you get sucked in.
A super-tiny butt hole: you get close, you get sucked in.

Jun 25 at 12:10 PDT
My irregular vagina

Senator, give me my irregular vagina and you’ll get my vote.
The truly rich have mansions with my irregular vagina room, a succulent jumbo prawn room, and servants to handle nipple placement.
The weird payment system at the grocery store makes me put my irregular vagina in the slot, but I forget to take it out.
The Perfect Moscow Mule: One shot of a projectile, ginger beer, and a squeeze of my irregular vagina. Serve in a minivan with a dead body in it.
More than 260 people were injured by festive firecracker blasts and my irregular vagina in the Philippines.
Hello, 911? I think there’s my irregular vagina in my house...

Jun 21 at 13:46 PDT
Trying to find a user. in User Discussions
May 24 at 21:33 PDT
The Little Genius Academy

I could tell the Little Genius Academy had ended up behind me when I felt a can of paint on a rope as I backed up.
Pool rules: No running. No organic porpoise semen. Keep the Little Genius Academy out of the deep end.
Experts said that based on preliminary data, the Little Genius Academy appears to have occurred on the Puente Hills thrust fault.
Look, man, I’m not into the Little Genius Academy. But $20 is $20.
I will do anything for the Little Genius Academy. But I won’t do that!
Sometimes I feel out of place at the gym then I look to my left and see the Little Genius Academy, and I feel better.

May 21 at 23:01 PDT
Traffic cones

Working on my car I found traffic cones had crawled inside the engine block and died.
Traffic cones has proven extremely popular among young, urban audiences in focus testing.
An FBI raid on Michael Eisner’s seaside villa turned up traffic cones in every room.
Alien cover-ups, false flag operations, and military experiments with traffic cones! It’s all here in my manifesto!
Although moving away from traffic cones proved effective for schools, the switch to a really long nose hair initially led to a spike of child hospitalizations.
The true reason for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse? Traffic cones.

May 19 at 21:51 PDT
I don't think so. If they game can get 'em, anyone can.
May 13 at 20:12 PDT
Cute pictures

Aww! My mom packed a terrible lunch: Cute pictures and a 5,000 acre forest fire.
That’s Captain Rogers the Rancorous of “Cute Pictures,” the finest ship in the harbor!
If you kids don’t stop being picked, I will turn cute pictures around!
The weirdest thing about cute pictures is that sometimes even girls have cute pictures.
Kirkland mom makes $20,000 a week with cute pictures.
Chase bank is giving out cute pictures this week if you open an account and put $100 in it.

May 13 at 20:08 PDT
Covid-19 sucks in General
I’m no on the nipples
May 12 at 15:34 PDT
Trying to smile more

Military scientists in Syria found traces of trying to smile more in the soil.
President Putin’s approval rating shot to nearly 100% when the Russian government began trying to smile more.
I’m glad you’re my new roomie, my last one was always trying to smile more. Always.
I like power of attorney like I like my coffee: trying to smile more, put in a sack, and dragged across that demon torture puzzle box.
Men, like a squirming pile of Japanese robot sex dolls, go farthest when they are trying to smile more.
In the first Battle of Trying to Smile More he faced a loaded gun, and with one great blow he split them in half.