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Recent posts by SuperJer

Recent posts by SuperJer


Traffic is backed up for 7 miles due to an overturned semi hauling milkfat. The driver was adults eating teenagers alive.
I don’t need love because I’m milkfat. Sorry mom!
Here on the assembly line we heat milkfat to a steaming, bright cherry red, and this next machine over here is trying to handcuff a ghost.
I picked up a hitchhiker and he showed me milkfat while we were still in the car.
You’re not a mom! You’re just milkfat!
The Halifax bridge finally collapsed under the intense weight of milkfat.

My Costco card

The thief was caught stealing the T-Rex from the sultan, and so was thrown into the pit of my Costco card.
The hottest new cryptocurrency is “Caustic-solvent-coin” -- but it can only be used for transactions involving my Costco card.
I buried my treasure under my Costco card so you’d never find it!
But of the tree of my Costco card you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.
I clean my Costco card by putting it in the dishwasher. It usually doesn’t end up getting wrapped around a tree.
I misclicked while my boss was looking over my shoulder and my video of my Costco card came on the screen.

Monday at 15:29 PDT
Running down

We have a zero tolerance policy for shooting a rabbit with an arrow here at Disney. So get running down and get out!
My teacher graded my paper F because I wrote about running down.
Baskin Robbins is going off the deep end with their new flavors, I saw running down flavor and then touching my deformity flavor.
I think it’s lovely that you’re getting into a dog boner, but I won’t tell your father. He’ll start running down.
At the Amazon Go store you can grab all the time and walk right out the door without running down.
I’m running down in the streets, but proving she’s a witch in the sheets.

Monday at 15:18 PDT
Discount brain surgery

At the auto parts store, the salesman tried to upsell me on discount brain surgery when I bought my VERY jealous, protective pet spider.
I noticed symptoms of discount brain surgery, so I went to my naturopathic doctor. He said, “it’s mounting!” but I’m not sure.
To change kitty’s litter: grab discount brain surgery, dig out any clumps, and refill with your husband.
Moistness torture” may be cruel but it’s worth it to get discount brain surgery from a suspected terrorist.
Little girls are made of sugar, spice, and discount brain surgery.
I swear to God I have had it up to HERE with discount brain surgery.

Monday at 15:15 PDT

In this game you get to collect weird legs and craft style.
But of the tree of style you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.
Style in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Gather round, family, it’s time to hang style on the Christmas tree.
I saw style down the long corridor, two of them, actually. I stood still in terror as they said, “You’ll be bedding with us.”
In future times, the children will work together to build style.

Different styles

In Arizona, because of the heat, they hand out different styles for free on every corner.
At the new Asian-inspired restaurant downtown, the chef will prepare different styles right at your table.
In my wild days I was fishin’ for pussytuna, among other crimes. They finally caught me doing it with different styles on the New Mexico border.
Chimps in the wild have been observed using different styles to forage for food.
I’m terrible at goodbyes, but not as terrible as different styles.
Chris Angel hurled the deck of cards at different styles and my card appeared in a gentleman with the tummy grumbles!

Monday at 09:13 PDT
Getting boobs installed

Getting boobs installed! Getting boobs installed! My kingdom for getting boobs installed!
There’s a tightrope convention going on and everybody is getting boobs installed.
Sir, you have a phone call. Something about getting boobs installed?
Jesus is getting boobs installed.
I’m late to my meeting for getting boobs installed.
I thought I was being attacked, so I defended myself with getting boobs installed.

Getting boobs deinstalled

Early rugby’s rules: carry the ball as very depraved porn, score points by getting boobs deinstalled, and the whole bottle of sleeping pills shall not be on the field.
I’m a night of gentle flatulence in the streets, but getting boobs deinstalled in the sheets.
Tomorrow the city is throwing a ticker-tape to celebrate getting boobs deinstalled.
Abraham Lincoln wrestled with depression, but that did not keep him from getting boobs deinstalled with turkey tacos.
This year’s hottest new fashion is getting boobs deinstalled on your head.
This one simple trick is all you need to spice up the bedroom: getting boobs deinstalled.

Aug 9 at 13:21 PDT
Teleporting into my butt

Kinect automatically recognizes when you’re teleporting into my butt and turns itself on to broadcast it to your friends.
That kind of attitude is why we have teleporting into my butt now.
President Putin’s approval rating shot to nearly 100% when the Russian government began teleporting into my butt.
At the new circus in town, three jugglers throw each other not a bear, while a man is teleporting into my butt on a galloping horse.
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Teleporting into My Butt.
If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be teleporting into my butt.

Aug 7 at 13:02 PDT
Still peeing

I went rafting, saw still peeing in the river, no big deal.
SWF looking for a real man. If you’re still peeing, get to the front of the line.
I scream, you scream, still peeing, rhythmic pounding!
My publisher demanded I remove still peeing from my manuscript because it’s “not decent.”
I met this hot chick online. She says she’s still peeing and I think I believe her!
I’m glad you’re my new roomie, my last one was always still peeing. Always.

Aug 7 at 11:58 PDT
Anime kids

They cut open the crocodile to find anime kids, still being slathered in baby oil like always.
The survey team detected getting all fucked up on PCP at the work site so I threw anime kids in my truck and drove straight there.
The thief was caught stealing squirting acid from the sultan, and so was thrown into the pit of anime kids.
Sean Connery famously likes to spend his whole vacation in a beach chair with anime kids in his lap.
I’ve been single ever since my girlfriend found out I had anime kids.
Every time I go to Costco I feel like I come back with anime kids.

Aug 7 at 11:56 PDT
*lurk* *lurk*
Aug 6 at 16:07 PDT
Doing drugs

Don Quixote, having never seen a windmill before, instantly assumed it was doing drugs and tried to attack it.
I can’t believe it, Jason! I’ve been gone for 24 hours and you’re still doing drugs!
... And so my mom asked me, “If all your friends were doing drugs, would you be doing drugs as well?”
At the Amazon Go store you can grab sex toy directions and walk right out the door without doing drugs.
“Impossible,” said Pride. “Risky,” said Experience. “Give it a try,” whispered the Heart. That’s when I tried doing drugs.
I think a lot of people would pay to see doing drugs.