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Recent posts by u60n0

Recent posts by u60n0

2008 Apr 10 at 14:31 PDT
i just have 2 say, i love ur pic!!!!

and thnks 4 the help
2008 Apr 10 at 14:29 PDT

if only everything else was that easy
2008 Apr 10 at 12:49 PDT
Yea, i downloaded the expert.fgd from the superjer link, and i installed it into hammer

now im trying to make teleporters, and i dont have the trigger_teleport model
2008 Apr 10 at 12:45 PDT
so could i copy an entire map into another map?
2008 Apr 10 at 11:40 PDT
Killer-Duck said:
You haven't specified what kind of replicas you are talking about, i know you can add/remove entities without even decompiling the map. But for changing the structural brushes of a map then you need to decompile.

that map that i saw was just like dust 2, except that it had some extra halls and passageways, that cut thru where there used 2 be walls

also, i was wondering, if i have the .map file (like a map i made myself) of 2 different maps, can i somehow combine them into 1 map? and if so how?
2008 Apr 10 at 11:34 PDT
well i did have another user logged on at the same time, while also running itunes, steam, and hammer (lol)

so maybe itll work?
2008 Apr 9 at 13:54 PDT
well, i guess that some ppl must have had 2 work relly hard to make the dust2 replica, because it is flawless (as far as i can tell)

oh and
Down Rodeo said:
u60n0 said:
oh and my email is now available for spam bots to harvest.

im not a n00b, lol, i just gave him an old email address that i dont use just 4 fun
2008 Apr 8 at 15:43 PDT
yes, I was compiling a somewhat large map and i ran into the error

"hlrad: Error: Memory allocation failure
Description: The program failled to allocate a block of memory.
Howto Fix: Likely causes are (in order of likeliness) : the partition holding the swapfile is full; swapfile size is smaller than required; memory fragmentation; heap corruption"

now my laptop does not have highly good stats (from what i no it only has integrated graphics) but i thought that my RAM was pretty good (i think its 1 gb)

The weirdest thing is that when i run the map is CS:CZ, it appears to run fine (tho the console seems 2 have errors), besides the fact that bots cant "learn" the map

im kind of a hammer n00b rite now so i wud appreciate it if the answers were as understandable as possible
2008 Apr 8 at 15:38 PDT
well, i have seen like dust2 that was edited, so either they were able to somehow get the .map file 4 it, or they perfectly recreated the map (which is hard)

oh and my email is rvbandy@excite.com
2008 Apr 7 at 14:42 PDT
im not trying 2 steal other ppls maps, im trying to take the original cs maps and improve them (ex:. like make a new camping spot behind a corner or something)

i no it can be done because i have seen a map that is entirely based on dust2