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Recent posts by Yankes

Recent posts by Yankes

2009 Jan 3 at 03:27 PST
Is this possible? in Hammer Mapping
Sry, posted before I read and understood all :p

EDIT: Now it works, thanks alot
2009 Jan 3 at 01:56 PST
Is this possible? in Hammer Mapping
I know how to put entities! this should work just fine for me :)
2009 Jan 3 at 00:31 PST
Is this possible? in Hammer Mapping
I know the topic sucks, but I didnt know what to write there.
Is it possible to give every player a new nade as fast as they throw their nade away?

They are spawning with nade and knife, but they only have that one nade. I want them to get a new as fast as they throw the ande.

I know I can place nades on the ground, but I was just wondering if this was possible? If so, how do I do it?
2009 Jan 2 at 21:13 PST
where can I add game_player_equip? I made a entity, and press ALT + ENTER, then I could change the name of the entity I made.. But when I changed it, I had no place to decide which weapons they should have at spawn..

EDIT: Is there any other good .fdg I could try? cause I really want game_player_equip. This really annoys me :(

EDIT2: Fixed it, now it works fine :)
2009 Jan 2 at 20:39 PST
How do I make boxes? in Hammer Mapping
Hey, I've made my first map, a awp map!
it works fine, but I'm just sure I've made the boxes wrong.

When I made the boxes I used the "block tool" and made a box, and just chose a texture and marked the box I've made, and pressed "apply current texture".

And I guess thats wrong. Cause I opened the .rmf from de_inferno (which I found in the other thread here) and then I looked at the boxes in T spawn. I dont know how the box are made, but the texture is AAATRIGGER. And here AAATRIGGER is just the half-life logo!?

So I just dont get it, can someone explain to me?

EDIT: And one more thing. I've learned what a "block tool" and a "entity tool" is, but what is a brush?
2009 Jan 1 at 15:18 PST
A problem with spawn! in Hammer Mapping
Nope, its not that!
but sometimes 2 BOTs spawns in the same "spawnbox" and then the second dies cause he lands on the first one..
2008 Dec 30 at 16:59 PST
faq ideas? or something in Hammer Mapping
You can also make a sticky thread where people can add useful stuff! small tutorials etc where we can show people how to make different things. That would be VERY helpful for beginners (like me :D)
2008 Dec 30 at 16:56 PST
A problem with spawn! in Hammer Mapping
I've made 15 spawns for each team, but I've only tried the map with BOTs. But when there are only 10 BOTs against me, each round it dies about 3 BOTs at spawn! cause they land on each other..

why does this happend? have I done something wrong or can it be the BOTs?
2008 Dec 30 at 16:48 PST
just use .htaccess!
google it
2008 Dec 28 at 18:52 PST
Hi, I want to give everyone AWP at spawn, but how do I do it?
Or, I know how (I've read some tutorials) but everyone is talking about game_player_equip, but I dont have that :/

I read this thread, but I didnt get any wiser ..

Oh, ok. What you need is expert.fgd (available on this page).
And I downloaded expert.fgd, still no game_player_eguip