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Can you please tell me how to get to the mapname.bat file in my Valve Hammer Editor and what to do to change the game from cstrike to czero and how to copy it directly to czero/maps folder. (Basically, what im saying is can you please guide me step by step through Valve Hammer Editor and tell me what to open and what to click on, and please give me every detail because if I dont know what to go to change someting I result to banging on my keyboard extreemly hard which makes me buy another one, and im short on cash) Thanks!!!!! (But seriously dont leave out any detais :))
I just downloaded Valve hammer Editor yesterday, and I read through the instructions to try to make a map. I have something to say about them...


But, alas, I did find a solution. Someone posted a Website Link to a Youtube video which helped me FINNALY UNDERSTAND HOW TO WORK THIS THING!!!!!

So, please post any website link to a video tutorial using hammer, because I would apreciate it greatly. I will post the tutorial link that helped me out. Thx Alot!
Can I create Cs:Cz maps using the steps given on this website but by changing only very, very small details? I dont really want to go and do a ton of work to convert my map making data to Cs:Cz so if there is a way and it is easy plz tell me what to do...
Ok nvr mind im just going to go back and try to do it from the begging. Thanks for your help ;)
I make the 2 rectangles in the top view overlapping eachother?
So where there overlapping each other???
Like this? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa[]aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
So I need to make rectangles on the top view (5 of them) positioned like this? []
Ok nvr mind my comments I was being stupid. I am right now making my object/map. I see the top, front, side things, which are labeled x,y so I assume that that stands for the two sides for that view point. (Exp. Top -> Bottom) So now I am going to create a rectangular shaped object. I already know how to navigate my object with the mouse. Now I am clicking "3D Texture". I am looking at my 3D textured object from the side and now, as before, it seems to have no need for a roof for it is already solid. What am I doing wrong?
Well I mean it has 8 handles... Im so confused :( can someone plz just tell me what to do to make it six sided
The object on my screen has 8 sides... so what do I do to make that 6?
Never mind that last comment... Ok all I need is for someone to explain to me how to put 6 sides on my object... any takers?
Ok I know this is alot to ask but I just opened a new map up... plz guide me through what to do until I have succesfully roofed my object.
What do you mean?
Whenever I get to the point when I click put 3d textures and my texture appears on my object, the object is solid and it differs from the one on step 5. It says to roof it but I have no idea how to or why because my object is solid. Plz Help me!
Plz help me
Hey ppl, im designing a map right now and im just wondering about the roof part of designing. It says I should see a box with no roof where you should see the inside. Mine is not like that, and it already has a roof. What am I doing wrong???