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NatureJay said:
aaronjer said:
SRAW said:
What kind of person doesn't clear their browser cache in 3 years? ... creep

I'm pretty sure needing to clear your cache is more of a sign of being a creep, actually.

What if I clear other people's browser caches?

NatureJay, you can come clear my cache any time.
Nah, it was saved in the browser cache.

I have an incredibly thoughtful browser.
Holy shit is this forum still going? I see by now practically everybody has adopted that frame-breaking signature gimmick.

I do like that chair, though.
Pointy has only ever been on two forums and has managed to get himself hated by the administrator and outlawed as a noob in both of them. He only really got himself hated on this one because of his "Posting Truck" where he tried to get his level up by posting a million times in a row. He seems to have posted -50000 times.
Anyway, he's actually pretty cool; he just sucks on forums.
Wait... does that mean that the man was, er... playing with himself while eating cheetos and spilled the powder all over his dick?
That's as far as I can get and it's not very funny.
If McDiddy's 3 is going to come out, It'll be in another 5 years when SuperJer finishes SpartOr. But then, we've got the playkit. Let's see how many McDiddy's movies we can make in the 5 years until 2012.
(I can't really talk, I haven't worked on Sunny Meadow for like, half a year.)
anyone who cant wait for another mcdiddys can go and watch weebl and bob.
guy decides to kill the radio, because he wants to listen to diddy but the other guy wants to listen to smb3. then the evil terrorist comes along in the pimpmobile, steals the radio, and goes away but with the black guy following him. Then i stopped working on it.
year 7 homework is a bitch. i can only wait until yr 12

November Edit: And half a years later, I QUIT SCHOOL. IN YOUR FACE, AUTHORITY!
i use 20 on sunny meadow because i saw that was the framerate of the example scenes in the playkit. but i use 24 most of the time and sometimes use 120 on crap like my "your face. our flamingo" animation and alpha game prototypes that suck shit
and then i decompiled mcdiddy's 1 and stole the script for the preloader and put it on my own one that uses FILTERS!

i'll do more when i can be bothered
thats what we're doing with our computer.
Fortunately I'm getting an external hard drive for my birthday (tomorrow) so that will make things alot easier.
well it works now, and thats the point.
and if you have unplug you can find the link again every time

<A HREF="">McDiddy's!</A>
The Sims -freaking- 1 doesn't even work on my computer (it could be that its an old game) and I'm just stuck with this crappy crack version.
Drowning them in the pool is fun. You put a diving board on the edge of the pool but no rail to get out.
Eventually they beg for comfort and die.

Now with the MOVE_OBJECTS ON cheat you can also sell the gravestone for five simoleons! You GET money for getting rid of something completely annoying.
i have patchmix DSP soundcard. will that work?
oh, and if you have firefox you can get a plugin called unplug that shows you a link to the .swf so you can just go Right-Click>Save Target As.

right click the following link snd choose "save target as".
poon bok.

did i say it right?
It was snowing in the mountains about a month ago.

In Australia.
I know. I was talking about the movie
Can I have a laptop?
There are plenty of little kiddie cartoon shows that wouldn't censor that.
Pixels are a bitch
"superjer" said:
I am a software engineer at a two person company I helped found in April '06.

Lemme guess...
You and AaronJer
X8 What have you got against Steve Irwin?
you can make a button move by putting a movie clip on one of the frames in it.
I'm making a stick figure drawing tutorial with those buttons.

That sounds REALLY stupid now. Teaching people to draw stick figures.

3d-ish gradiented stick figures that are NOT drawn with the brush tool.
general_zim looks older in his avatar.
In the big picture however, yes he does look ten.
I'd say nine, but my brother is nine and theres a big difference between him and zim.
Theres a counter strike stick figure movie where they play a song with their guns: <A HREF="">Here</A>
well then MOVE everything in the animation with "edit multiple frames".
I promise it won't stuff up when you do that.
That's why "edit multiple frames" EXISTS.
Forget everything i just said back there.


I have a new avatar! I made it just now
irony is when something is ironic - when something screws up or... I dunno, its hard to explain.
a quote from the star wars 3: "Ironic, isn't it. He could save others from death but not himself."
Also, imagine if you were a girl but you thought everybody would think you were a boy, then you realize you ARE a boy and then somebody says you look like a girl.
Yeah..... I guess he doesn't want people stealing his scenes and crap.
But seriously, is the new McDiddy's going to be a train- uh, a Game or a Movie?


Bleh. I knew those posts would be deleted.
Click the "edit multiple frames" button, unlock all layers, stretch the edit multiple frames thingys to select every frame in your animation, then shrink them all.
(if they won't all shrink to the center, group them together (ctrl + G) and shrink them down, then ungroup them (ctrl + shift + G)(or break them apart (ctrl +B), which is probably better because you can break symbols apart but that doesn't matter because we're not breaking a symbol apart) and voila! (of course this could stuff up your whole animation; if you do this and it does stuff up your whole animation just undo it (ctrl + Z))
It's probably better to just go to the properties window and change the size of the window.
I wrote a lot of text to explain pretty much nothing.
Shoot me.
meh. I just tried to think up something funnier that boat.

and failed.
down the bottom in the properties bar (if you have flash 8) it will have stuff like the framerate, background colour, and publish settings.
There should be a bit where it says size: [550 x 400 pixels] (the square brackets symbolise a button).
click on the button, then change the size.
No, actually pointy pointed out to me.
But yeah. not in your forum
u can get Flash 8 30 day trial version at and get the serial code <a href="">here</a>

I've finished the intro scene. It's just a CT killing a few terrorists. It involves a gauss gun that never gets used (because i don't have the sound), a guerilla with dual uzis and a holy henade (HOLYGRENADE sfx from WormsWorldParty).
Then it fades into scene one

EDIT: I can now get all those sounds from McDiddy's 1 thanks to my sexy new .swf decompiler!
why not a lantern?
go to the previous updates thingy.

I used to have QB. It sucked. Or maybe more so, I sucked AT it.
But then again, I was only about six or seven. And I DID know what the GOTO code meant.
Meh. I had flash 5 when I was seven, too. But yeah. I sucked at it as well. I didn't even know how to(maybe I knew HOW to but i didn't know what the purpose of) inserting keyframes was. I inserted a new layer for each frame. (aah, the misunderstanding of youth.)
I like rum balls
I used to have doom 1. On my grandparents' computer. But I played it when I was about five or six years old, and, while i COULD get up to the second-last level, it scared me and I ended up deleting it. Besides, that computer wasn't internet connected, anyway.
Wait a sec. You said doom1.wad
I used to have a .exe file and a .pif file but i can't remember any .wad files
ahh fuck it. Just google the files
make that, every sound from mc diddy's 1 except the music tracks (Outtathaway, bump bump bump, bodies, etc.)
ESPECIALLY the Gauss sounds.
I can't believe i only signed up 31 days after you
Is it going to be a game or a movie?
I'm unemployed.
RuneScape for example, is REALLY boring because it takes so long to get fro one place to another
Bleh. Heaps is a figure of speech meaning I wrote a lot of text (that's a figure of speech too.)

I'm working on the fight at the start of my movie. It's a few terrorists battling a CT.
bang bang
and then the first scene begins!
Sunny Meadow! Yes, its coming, now shut up and wait for it.
Should come next year.
NEway, I just thought i might start my own firetruck on it instead of stealing general zim's to post updates on my animation.
I've done the title, am working on the intro and first scene.
ok, STARTING the intro and working on the first scene.

go away

Its only got the mc diddy's 1 stuff that was ALSO in mc diddy's 2
I guess i would like to have the original stiltburger sprites, the original random "Doooooooooooooo", "Muaaaooooooo" and "ooooh" sounds, along with the babyish scream and the scream of the terrorist leader (the one with glasses, i like to call him steven) when he is shot off the rooftop of mc diddy's
also the side view of steven and other crap..........

and could you tell me how to make a button link to the next frame?
tutorials say to use some OnMouseClick function but i dont think they have that in flash 8

im thinking of doing an intro scene as well.
cos i haven't done an intro OR a title.

Could you include McDiddy's 1 stuff in the v2 playkit?
ever noticed how superjer always changes c_r_a_p
to crap?
I'm making my own Mc Diddy's with the playkit too.
Although I'm nowhere near finishing. I've named it though. A temporary name.

mcdiddys_sunny meadow

Pretty much because it starts off with all the CTs relaxing in a sunny meadow listening to music
it IS going to involve a mc diddy's restaurant in it and will be mostly based in the city on the corner of a four (or three, i haven't decided) way intersection.
OMG the first scene goes for over 1000 frames and im still working on it.
Heh. So, um ill email it when i can (though it'll probably be like, next year.)
Also good work on McDiddy's Martigras, General Zim. But are the CTs supposed to disappear outside the doorframes? And I think there's a bit too much walking involved.
And the pimpmobile doesn't pimp. It just drives.
If you don't have the music, look it up on soulseek.
Besides that, good job!

Crap. I wrote heaps
Im nuclear BLOB and i do have a blue raincoat

i like cheese
unlike pointy
I prefer to look like myself
well, what i used to look like with that stupid raincoat on me all the time
Anyway, i like avatars.