a noob compiling problem

a noob compiling problem

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2007 Jul 27 • 1
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ok i was taking a stab at making a first map and everything was going sweet until i clicked on the first.bat and i thin kit compiled fine because it made a first.bsp except counter strike didnt open. so i clicked on open cs and clicked on create a server and went to play my map. it sisnt open and this appeared in the console:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: 'first' is not a valid BSP file
map load failed: first not found or invalid

can someone tell me wats goin on? thanks

and i seem to play all these different variations of maps when i'm playing, can someone point me in the direction to downloading maps that i can modify like de_dust and stuff?
2007 Jul 27 at 01:12 PDT

2006 Sep 11 • 115
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Your maps compiles to the different directory then, not in cstrike/maps, try to copy all your maps to cstrike/maps, then everything will be fine i guess.
I want to make a HL mod! Doing everythig with HL except coding C++ | its not interesting to work alone
2007 Aug 23 at 23:29 PDT
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