ahh wtf it aint working still!

ahh wtf it aint working still!

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2008 Feb 28 • 67
i dont get how to get these into hammer. and wat does it mean by "Unzip everything to your Hammer/fgd/counter-strike folder and tell Hammer to use the new FGD (Tools->Options->Game Configurations->Game Data Files box).

im terrible with computers incase u couldnt tell lol
2008 Mar 5 at 12:09 PST
2008 Feb 28 • 67
and how do i "add this to ur textures"
2008 Mar 5 at 12:15 PST
2008 Feb 28 • 67
gah help pleaseee!
2008 Mar 5 at 16:51 PST
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Be patient, people will be around... eventually.

If you know how to unzip files, then do so. If not right click, extract, it will probably do that to the location you're at. Then move it to the path which you posted. After that open the menu as listed then add the fgd file as wot you have taken from the zip file. Then... I've forgotten your other question.

Yeah, fgd files aren't textures.
2008 Mar 5 at 18:44 PST — Ed. 2008 Mar 5 at 18:45 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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read the tutorial with attention .. and get someone who knows how to extract files and configure stuff to help you ..

and expert.fgd needs to bee copied to the folder mentioned in the tutorial

".wad" flies need to be added in hammer like so :

go to hammer . tools / options / textures /add wad

don't add more than 8 ( wad files contain textures that you use in hammer )

what else? amm zhtl compliers need to be extracted into a folder

just make a new folder the place you want them to be then copy the .zip file there , then right click / "extract here" and thats about it
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2008 Mar 6 at 00:19 PST — Ed. 2008 Mar 6 at 00:20 PST
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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as i always say, some ppl cant understand simple instructions
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2008 Mar 6 at 00:20 PST
2008 Feb 28 • 67
thnks guys!

2008 Mar 6 at 06:08 PST
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