Another Couple Of Questions

Another Couple Of Questions

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Gobble Gobble
2009 Sep 30 • 12
I read the first thread about music and such but how is it possible to play a song in your map? I want my to be able to play the "O fortuna" song by Therion and I have it on my desktop how do i insert it into my game?

Also, how do I make writings on the wall? I want to put in a logo that says gobble gobble how do i do so?

Last but not least, is it possible to put in premade models such as toilets so you dont have to go through the trouble of making your own and if so how do you insert the model into hammer editor?

Thank you for your time.
2009 Sep 30 at 14:36 PDT

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
10 ₧
Ok, lets do this backwards.

Yes, you can make fancy models. You need an external program such as milkshape or that other one I can't remember.

To make writings on the wall you need spraypaint and a gangster person; however, in Hammer, you would use something like wally.

And for your first question....

Mind you this is not my idea I got it from this guy I cant remember so give credit to that guy [whoever the hell he is].
[I was going to post a link to the tutorial, but I cant find it.... I really didnt want to type it all out, and I swear to god if anybody posts the link to that tutorial....]
What you do is you make an entity ambiance_generic
select it hit alt+enter
in the path input type ambiance/*.wav [where * is the name of your music]
under the flags tab check play everywhere and play on start
Location Location fucking Location
ok you want to make a box outside of your map
hollow it
place the ambiance in there
repeat [via copy and paste] to all sides [north, south, east, west]
Your music
your music will play if and only if the following is true
its a wav file [ie .wav]
its less than three minutes [roughly]
8 bit mono
11025 hz pcm
it is in the directory *\valve\sound\ambiance\ [where * is your counter strike folder]
you can use audacity [free] to cut your music down to size
you can use ease audio converter [trial] to convert it to wav [it has all the options to make it work for cs]

I think I have arthritis now.
2009 Sep 30 at 18:26 PDT — Ed. 2009 Sep 30 at 18:27 PDT
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